Last year, prior to my young school, closed for the holidays, a lengthy list that winter house assignments were given that likewise included do an exciting Christmas-themed craft. V the recurring snowfall exterior my home, I assumed of do a cuddly snowman with record mache and deck that up. My son and also I arranged the supplies, and here’s exactly how we accomplished the project.

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Paper Mache Snowman Tutorial


Plastic Bags (3 grocery bags)Cereal crate boardPaper mache dough (I prepared it by mix 1 cup of flour through 1 ½ cup of water)Shredded paperNewspaperMasking tapeButtonsSmall Styrofoam ballsHot glue gunPaints (I used only white, black, and orange paints)

DIY Instructions

Fill the plastic bags with paper shreds to form hard balls in such a method that one is bigger than the other.Seal the mouth that the bags v masking tape.
Paper Mache Snowman photo 1Dip the staying shredded record pieces in the file mache paste and attach them over the balls and leave it because that drying.Make a hole at the bottom that the top and middle balls and also pull the end the shredded paper.Stack the balls one over the other according to your size and also glue them together.
Paper Mache Snowman photo 2Add couple of more layers of document mache top top the balls and also let it dry completely.
Paper Mache Snowman picture 3Roll a newspaper strip into a cone and also seal it v the masking tape. Cover it v a couple of paper mache layers, dry, and also paint utilizing the orange paint.
Paper Mache Snowman snapshot 4Apply couple of coats that white repaint on the snowman and wait it rotates it totally dries.Make a feet in the small ball and also glue the small document cone into it. (now you have actually a nose for the snowman)
Paper Mache Snowman snapshot 5Attach the Styrofoam balls come the small ball (head of the snowman) because that the eyes and also paint castle black. Glue couple of buttons listed below the nose and at the center of the other two balls to make the mouth and also dress buttons, respectively.
Paper Mache Snowman picture 6Cut a little piece of the cardboard cereal box, role it right into a circle, and then glue the ends. Location it on an additional cardboard piece and also trace a circle of a bigger diameter. Cut out the circle and also glue them together to make the hat.
Paper Mache Snowman photo 7Paper mache the hat and also paint it black after drying. Place it ~ above the head of the snowman. (For the ornaments, ns attached a plastic snowflake and holly come the hat)
Paper Mache Snowman

My sister offered a dashing watch to mine snowman by wrapping a tiny fabric strip roughly the neck and attaching 2 sticks at the sides because that the arms. Don’t you feeling the you re welcome snowman is already rejoicing the winter?

Some Out-of-Box concepts to construct a document Mache Snowman because that Christmas

How about a file mache snowman piñata increase for screen during the festive season? Here, the cheat is to inflate two balloons separately (the size of one inflated balloon need to be larger than the other) and record mache them. After drying overnight, deflate the balloons by cutting the knot, and glue the smaller file mache sphere over the enlarge one. Through a felt pen, draw the eyes, nose, and also mouth of the snowman (there are various other decoration alternatives too).

Paper Mache Balloon Snowman

A tactful means to recycle a burn out bulb is through applying paper mache every over and painting the white to make an adorable paper mache Christmas snowman.

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Paper Mache Light pear Snowman

Instead the using paper strips dipped in glue, you deserve to mold a snowman in a comparable fashion with document mache clay easily accessible at the keep or prepare it at home. Why no make it a tree topper because that glorifying her Christmas décor?

Paper Mache Clay Snowman

Since children can relate to your favorite snowmen Olaf and also Frosty, you can get an innovative with the paper mache project. Also, there are lots of accessories for dressing castle up because that the winter.

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