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Catch live cricket streaming of India vs Pakistan, group 2 enhance 19 that T20 human being Cup 2016 at Eden Gardens in Kolkata on The live telecast of the India vs Pakistan enhance can be seen on ~ above Star sporting activities 1 and Star sporting activities HD 1, when the totally free online live streaming top top mobile can be checked out on the Hotstar app. India and also Pakistan will play a an essential Super-10 tie that T20 civilization Cup 2016. This will be one of the most-watched matches that the ICC civilization T20 2016. The live cricket streaming digital will be beneficial for anyone that does not have access to a live telecast. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs Pakistan, team B complement 19 the ICC T20 world Cup in ~ Eden Gardens

India and Pakistan will challenge off the match 19 of ICC people T20 2016 in ~ Eden Gardens in Kolkata top top Saturday. The critical time these 2 sides met in a Twenty20 international (T20I) was just a month back during the Asia Cup T20 2016. The was an exceptionally tense complement that India managed to success by the skin of your teeth. LIVE CRICKET BLOG: India vs Pakistan, group B complement 19 of ICC T20 human being Cup in ~ Eden Gardens

India’s bowlers managed to bowl out Pakistan because that a only 83 but an motivated spell of speed bowling indigenous Mohammad Aamer controlled to reduce India to 12 because that 3 before India recovered thanks to a great 49 indigenous Virat Kohli. India will desire to keep their unbeaten record against Pakistan in civilization Cup cricket intact, yet they will certainly be aware of the fact that India have never before beaten Pakistan in a limited-overs enhance at Eden Gardens.

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