Region: NA Hardest dungeon you've cleared: Arena 3 and Multiplayer Arena Current team(s): Anubis/ Glavenus / Nohime / ReYomi / Gunma Team Cost: 520

Aid me with: I require help optimizing this team. I have many REM pulls. The points I am missing are Cotlots, Neys and Tardis. I have 1 Diaochan, not 2, so that is why I'm running Gunma. I'm not sure if that is optimal. Also I don't recognize if I have to store Glavenus for FUA or if I have to use somepoint else choose skuld. For 7c REM I have actually 1 Yuna, 2 Dkali, 2 skuld. Any aid would be appreciated.

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Honestly, many Anubis teamstructure isn't so a lot finding an optimal team in general, yet finding an optimal team for a specific dungeon. Anubis have the right to be exceptionally flexible, and you need to look at eexceptionally dungeon and also weigh points.Questions to ask yourself:

Is FUA needed? If it's required, you better have one. Anubis can be extremely difficult to damages regulate, given that RNG will certainly always drop those additional 6 combos when you don't want them.

Do I need a shield? Anubis groups are squishy. Make certain you've got one available if essential.

How lengthy is this dungeon? If it's a short dungeon, you might well want to drop Gunma in favor of an extra advantageous skill. Diao Chan is a good middle-of-the-road choice for those dungeons that have some floors you have the right to clear without a skill, some floors you definitely need X ability, and some floors you simply require somepoint to activate.

Do I need a board adjust / multiple board changes?

Do I need awoken bind recovery? You don't desire to be trying to make your combos without your TEs, trust me.

Keep in mind:-Anubis has a row unbind. This deserve to be very handy and conserve you from needing to carry a designated unbinder in some cases.

I'd probably usage Skuld quite than Glavenus unless you really need the extra TE, although if you're running Yomi you deserve to probably drop it. Skuld has actually those 7cs and also also comes with a board change, so she can pressure a board to make certain you've acquired hearts for a ping. Glavenus can't execute that.

My original Anubis team was Anubis(Sheena) / Diao Chan (Enoch) / A. Tachibana(Tachibana) / RIndra(Indra) / RYomi(Sheen or Keiji relying on dungeon). It acquired me through many points. As you can watch it's got the majority of flexibility constructed in and many energy. As you have the right to also watch it doesn't have a ping. My ping choices were trash for a lengthy time. Just like any kind of team, I was constantly swapping stuff in and out.

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Given that you're in the endgame, I think you simply should arrangement on building for the dungeon eexceptionally time.