Trouble performing in the bedroom have the right to be embarrassing and make you feel much less confident in intimacy. Erectile dysfunction, a little penis, a bending penis, and other male troubles can strain relationship and affect your all at once wellbeing and also happiness. The usual answer to these troubles has been medications, pills, and also surgeries, which all have side effects and also may not help. At Accents cosmetic Surgery, our Michigan P-Shot offers your own body’s healing power to provide a far-reaching boost come your penis – enlarging it, firming it, and also treating the symptoms of ED.

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What is a P-Shot?

A P-Shot (also known as a Priapus shooting – called after the Greek god the fertility) is a specially recipe injectable serum make from her blood. The treatment starts by drawing blood from your arm, after ~ which your blood is polished to concentrate the platelets (small cells in your blood that heal and promote growth). The resulting platelet-rich plasma (plasma is the liquid part of her blood) is climate injected, resulting in an immediate rise to the health of her penis.

What room the benefits of a P-Shot?

While you will likely experience several of the benefits of a P-Shot appropriate away, complete results room usually checked out after about three months. Some of the remarkable transforms you can experience after experience a P-Shot are:

Increased ability to gain erections (reduction the ED symptoms) Bigger prick (increases of 2 to 3 customs in length and also girth have been reported after treatment) Straighter penis Stronger erections more powerful sensations and also pleasure Minimal pains No side-effects any kind of damage native medical troubles (diabetes, etc.) treated and also healed No allergic reactions – the P-Shot is made totally of your own blood cell

Am ns a candidate?

Any man who needs assist with sex-related performance may be a an excellent candidate for the P-Shot. Even if it is you have actually ED, or you simply want come experience greater levels of power in intimacy, climate our Detroit, MI P-Shot might be your answer. Together with any type of medical procedure, friend will need an okay from your medical professional to ensure the a P-Shot is right for girlfriend – but since the P-Shot is developed from your own blood, most men are candidates and also can enjoy the services of this procedure.

Side effects and downtime

There are no reported side-effects that the P-shot, and most patients have actually no downtime after ~ the procedure. Some patients report minimal bruising and swelling complying with the injection, but that typically lasts only hrs (or a couple of days in rarely cases).

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At Accents Cosmetic surgical procedure we know the discomfort and trouble the comes being less confident in your sexual health and also performance. Our clinic was established by acclaimed, board-certified plastic operated doctor Dr. Mark N. Berkowitz, MD, and also provides a range of therapies to restore your confidence and also give you the body and capability that girlfriend desire. With both surgical and non-surgical treatments available, you deserve to be confident the we will work very closely with friend to determine if the P-Shot is the therapy that will create the results you envision. You have the right to trust in ours discretion, care, and that your treatment will it is in in full privacy.

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