Artist: Craig MackAlbum: The wood Horse/Please listen to mine Demo 12"Song: The wooden HorseTyped by: SkrachVynl
aol.comSo any time you"re gettin low, "stead that lettin goJust remember that ant..(Kids)(Opps there goes another rubber tree)(Opps there goes one more rubber tree)Now I concerned rock, I concerned move the crowdI come screamin" out loudNo other choice is this bad brand-new voiceCan"t wait come sit in my brand-new Rolls RoyceYou soft and moist, sweet like cakeDon"t be fear to lie down in the bed friend makeAnd if girlfriend fake, I"m choose Alexander the GreatA conquerer, stompin ya, for also steppin come the plateNow you think I"m late yet I"m ideal on timeYou had actually your possibility to perform it currently it"s my rotate to shineKeep in mind, you ain"t heard my flow in a whileAnd i still ain"t heard nobody that have the right to fuck with my styleJuliet kid nigga chef MC"s, Criag Mack infant 1000 degreesStand back nigga I"ma shower this placeAnd look simply when you thought it was safe?Now within the roadways Craig Mack"s a life LegendNucular weapon much better watch wherein you steppin"Story at 6 and also see the movie at 11You have the right to be Kit however I"m choose Frank DrevinMary Lou Retton, flippin top top yallYou have the right to use Motrin, Advil or TylonolJust to see me sphere make your chick wanna followRock the Meadowlands you acquired Boo-ed ~ above ApolloReal difficult to swollow wanna know just how come?Cause I"m hot-dog probably buring meat off her tongueSo from now on till her king-don-comThe sea-son has begun from my format to sweet a tonKill you for fun yet i ain"t playin no games (no games) and also I ain"t sayin no name (uh-uh)But following time you death somebody make certain they deadBut wait, friend can inspect this in-steadI watch you made it come the bonus round, watch my crown?Pretty, too bad you can"t touch itI"m like Pompeii first time it eruptedChicks still call acting hungry as a buzzardYou can let your man dump that hug it and also love itTouch it and also rub it, Mack nigga, that"s why it sound undiscoverdExplode choose L. Ron Hubbard, ~ above the Dianetics Cover, smother a brotherBeen "Lethal" because that years asking Gibson and also GloverYour man be choose "Help!", lying in the gutterJust prefer that, "Splash me the Cash"Shit I"m like battle each other Nukem get ready for combatI currently pronounce friend man and also wifeYou may, kiss the coffin it"s the finish of her life Mr. MackAnd i know how to floor this birdBet I check out you 2000 nigga that"s mine wordSo any kind of time you"re gettin low, "stead the lettin goJust remember that ant