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Neil deGrasse Tyson is the Frederick P. Climbed Director that the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum that Natural history in new York City and a Visiting study Scientist in astrophysics at Princeton University. Because 1995, Tyson has written the famous monthly essay "Universe" because that Natural background magazine. That is also the author of world Down to Earth, a repertoire of essays exploring the connections between concepts the science and everyday experience, and also The skies Is no the Limit: Adventures of an metropolitan Astrophysicist, a memoir. A graduate of the Bronx High college of Science, Tyson deserve a B.A. In physics indigenous Harvard College and a Ph.D. In astrophysics from Columbia University. Tyson lives in brand-new York City.

Charles Liu is one astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural background and a Visiting research study Scientist in ~ Columbia University. His research focuses on the evolution of galaxies, and his work has appeared in countless publications, consisting of The Astrophysical Journal and The astronomical Journal. Liu obtained a B.A. In both astronomy and also astrophysics and also physics from Harvard College and also a Ph.D. In astronomy native the university of Arizona. He lives in Montclair, new Jersey.

Robert Irion, a freelance scientific research journalist in Santa Cruz, California, is a contributing editor at Astronomy magazine and also a contributing correspondent to science magazine. He holds a B.S. In earth and planetary sciences from the Massachusetts institute of an innovation and learned science interaction at the college of California, Santa Cruz, where he currently teaches science writing. His articles on astronomy, earth science, and physics likewise have showed up in new Scientist and also other publications. He resides in Santa Cruz.

A new window opens onto the cosmos...

Almost every day we are tested by brand-new information from the outermost reaches of space. Utilizing straightforward language, One world explores the physical ethics that govern the workings of ours own people so that we deserve to appreciate exactly how they operate in the cosmos roughly us. Bands of shade in a sunlit crystal and the spectrum of starlight in giant telescopes, the arc the a hard-hit baseball and also the orbit that the moon, traffic patterns on a freeway and also the spiral eight in a galaxy complete of stars—they"re all tied together in cool and simple ways.

We have the right to understand the large cosmos in which we live by trying out three an easy concepts: motion, matter, and energy. Through these as a beginning point, One universe shows how the physical ethics that run in our kitchens and backyards room actually down-to-Earth version of cosmic processes. The publication then takes united state to the limits of our knowledge, questioning the ultimate questions about the origins and existence of life as we recognize it and where the universe came from—and wherein it is going.

Glorious photographs—many viewed for the an initial time in these pages—and initial illustrations expand and also enrich our understanding. Evocative and clearly written, One cosmos explains facility ideas in means that every reader deserve to grasp and also enjoy. This book captures the grandeur that the heavens while making united state feel at home in the cosmos. Above all, the helps us realize the galaxies, stars, planets, and we ourselves all belong to One Universe.

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Neil de Grasse Tyson, et al. 2000. One Universe: At home in the Cosmos. Washington, DC: Joseph Henry Press.https://doi.org/10.17226/9585.

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