The One-Eyed giant is the an initial book in the story from the Odyssey series by mar Pope Osborne the retells the thrilling story from Homer’s Odyssey for kids. The publication is a perfect read-aloud for younger primary school students and also will definitely foster an interest in Greek mythology.






The One-Eyed giant SummaryAgamemnon, ruler of all Greek islands calls for all kings and also princes to wage war against Troy. A Trojan prince has actually kidnapped a Greek queen named Helen. He sends out a messenger come the island that Ithaca come order Odysseus, king of Ithaca, to join them in battle. As lot as Odysseus tries come refuse, he needs to go to war to assist his men.

For the following ten years, Odysseus and thousand of other Greek warrior camp outside the wall surfaces of Troy. Helen still continues to be a captive behind Troy’s walls. Odysseus is feeling defeated and homesick. The starts to think he will certainly never be able to return home. Suddenly, the goddess that wisdom and also war, Athena appears. She gives Odysseus a arrangement to take Helen back from the Trojans. The Greeks do as she says and also they construct a giant wooden horse. Some guys hide in the horse, when the rest pretend come retreat. When the Trojans view the horse, castle are hesitant at first, but decide to carry it right into the city walls. The Greeks surprised the Trojans and rescue Helen.

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Odysseus is joyful; he and also his guys prepare come head house to Ithaca. However, few of the men had actually disrespected Athena’s temple and also this upset the gods, bring about storms to journey them off course to the Island that the Lotus Eaters. Here, few of Odysseus’s men are offered bright flower to eat, and also as they do they loss into a peaceful sleep. The flowers take away all the men’s memories. Odysseus forces all his guys to leave the island at once. Ago at sea, the god create more storms the lead Odysseus’s guys to one more unfamiliar island.

On this island, Odysseus and his men find food and also shelter. Over there is a mysterious shore in the street which sparks the Odysseus’s curiosity, and also he has to discover out who stays there. That takes a couple of of his men and also heads over to the shore. They uncover an empty cave and also decide come wait because that the owner come come home, where they will offer him some wine because that his hospitality. The guys are surprised once the owner the the cave comes earlier and they discover it is a monstrous Cyclops named Polyphemus. Polyphemus, not discovering the soldiers room inside, closes the cave with a large boulder. As soon as Polyphemus watch the Greeks, he gets angry, and as Odysseus is trying come ask for his hospitality, the smashes 2 soldiers together and also eats them.

Odysseus devises a plan to escape. Once the gigantic returns from his everyday duties, Odysseus supplies him wine. Polyphemus drinks a most wine and also becomes a bit drunk. In his drunken state, Polyphemus, asks Odysseus’ name. Odysseus says his surname is “No One”. The monster then falls asleep, and as the does, Odysseus drives a stake right through the Cyclops’s eye, blinding him. Together Polyphemus cries because that help, his friends shout from outside the cavern to him, but all the monster keeps saying is, “No One make the efforts to death me!”, for this reason they retreat back, thinking Polyphemus should be sick.

Polyphemus go not desire the men to escape, for this reason he move the boulder and sits at the enntrance gate of his cave, speak he will kill anyone that dares go past. Odysseus devises another plan and also has his males hide under the bellies of the sheep. The males escape and meet up through the remainder of the soldiers. Together they are setting sail come head home, Odysseus makes a cool mistake, and tells the monster his name. Polyphemus yells come his father, Poseidon, asking him to curse Odysseus and make that so he will never ever return home.

Odysseus and his males stop at the royal residence of Aeolus to remainder from their lengthy journey. Aeolus, god the wind, is very hospitable. Odysseus speak the wind god every his stories of war, i m sorry pleases the god. Odysseus asks if Aeolus will help him obtain home come Ithaca, and also Aeolus agrees by placing all the winds into a bag. V no concerns of storms, Odysseus sets sail to hopefully get home. The guys row and also row, and also see the coast of Ithaca. Odysseus is jubilant! However, some greedy males open the bag that winds, thinking it is gold, and also storms involved blow Odysseus and also his fleet much off course. Once Odysseus return to Aeolus’ palace to ask because that help, the god speak him the Odysseus is cursed and also will not aid him anymore. Odysseus is heartbroken, homesick and not certain what to suppose next.

Essential questions for The One-Eyed GiantWhy was hospitality so crucial to the Gods and why go Odysseus mean it?What are some attributes of a great leader?
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