"On My means to steal Yo Girl" is one expression i m sorry is frequently used to caption images of characters using odd way of transportation or pull on in flamboyant clothing. The phrase is provided in a similar fashion to the expression Swiggity Swooty, I"m comes For the Booty.

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On July 27th, 2010, the tune "Bottoms Up" by Trey Songz was released, which has the lyric "it"s mr Steal Yo Girl" (shown below).

On October 16th, 2011, YouTuber Cyanide Sandwich uploaded a video clip titled "On my method to steal yo girl," in which he is shown driving in a convertible if wearing a skull-and-crossbones banana (shown below).


On march 22nd, 2013, BuzzFeed<5> highlighted 20 instances of "On My means to Steal your Girl" animated GIFs taken from Tumblr, citing the Trey Songz track as the motivation for the meme. Top top July 25th, 2013, CollegeHumor<1> published a compilation write-up featuring other instances sourced native Tumblr blogs. Top top September 15th, the new Twitter account
YaBoyLilB tweeted an image of Kermit the Frog ~ above a scooter with the inscription "On my method to steal yo girl," receiving over 4,100 retweets and 2,400 favorites together of December 2014.<2>

on my means to steal yo girl pic.twitter.com/OndfZOXqom

— YA BOY tiny BILL (
Splurt.<4> ~ above April 14th, the Splurt TV YouTube channel uploaded a video clip featuring two women balancing jugs on your heads through the "#omw2syg" and "splurt" composed on the front of every (shown below, left). ~ above October 28th, 2014, the Mad decent YouTube channel uploaded the hip hop track "#OMW2SYG (Swiggity Swooty)" by Splurt (shown below, right).




Notable Examples


<1> CollegeHumor – Everyone right here is top top Their means to steal Yo Girl, by the Way

<2> YA tiny BOY bill – on my means to steal yo girl

<3> Tumblr – Fuck yeah On My means To Steal her Girl

<4> Instagram – Splurt

<5> BuzzFeed – 20 people Who space On Their means to Steal her Girl

TikTok is littered with comments the "bro tried to sneak in Nebraska" right now after a dude hyped increase the state just a small too lot in a currently viral video.

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