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Awarded the Newbery Honor

When a novel like Huckleberry Finn, or The Yearling, comes along it defies customary adjectives since of the intensity of the respouse it evokes in the reader. Together a book, we submit, is Old Yeller; to check out this eloquently basic story that a boy and his dog in the Texas hill country is an unforgettable and also deeply moving experience.

When his father sets out on a cattle drive for the summer, fourteen-year-old Travis is left to take care of his family and their farm, and also he faces new, unanticipated and also often perilous obligations in the wilderness of early fronteir Texas. However Travis is no alone. He finds aid and lull in the courage and unwavering love of the stray pet who pertains to be his many loyal and really best friend: the big yellow dog Travis calls "Old Yeller."

An enduring and award-winning American classic, Fred Gipson"s Old Yeller stands as among the most beloved novels ever developed in this country, and also one that will certainly live in the hearts and also minds of reader for generations to come.

About the Author

through Old Yeller, Fred Gipson secured his ar as one of the best novelists in America. The publication was released to instant acclaim and also has become one that the many beloved children"s classics ever written. Due to the fact that its publication in 1956, Old Yeller has actually won numerous awards, including the 1957 Newbery Honor. Mr. Gipson"s other works include both fiction and non-fiction. He thrived up in the Texas hill country and also died in 1973.

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Product Details ISBN: 9780060935474 ISBN-10: 0060935472 Publisher: Harper Perennial modern Classics Publication Date: December 1st, 2009 Pages: 144 Language: English Series: Perennial standards Recommended analysis Level Minimum Age: 10 Maximum Age: 13 Minimum class Level: 5 Maximum grade Level: 8 categories related Editions (all)

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