His name appears especially inappropriate considering that he is missing a hand also, has actually bristly white whiskers, and also an ancient dog that stinks.The boss shows up and also concerns George and Lennie around their work background. George does all the talking, which makes the boss suspicious.He can"t understand why George is looking out for Lennie, and also, honestly, we"re not sure either.The boss leaves and Candy comes earlier in via his dog, that offered to be a great sheepherder before he got old and also stinky.(Excusage us while we take a brief detour into the mid-90s.)Okay, back currently. Sorry about that.The boss" son comes in. He"s a small-but-cocky tough-guy type and instantly sizes up George and Lennie as potential victims.He tries to engage Lennie in an debate, yet George interferes.The boss" kid basically does the tantamount of "LOL UR THE WORST." With that parting swarm, he leaves.He"s obtained even worse since he married a "tart," who has actually "the eye" for eincredibly man on the ranch.With that parting shot, Candy leaves.George gives Lennie another piece of fatherly advice: prevent Curley favor the plague—unmuch less Curley actually touches him, in which instance, kick his butt.And if anything poor happens, Lennie"s can go to his safe spot close to the river.Sheight of bad points, Curley"s wife enters the bunkresidence, "looking" for "Curley." Uh-huh.Unlike most other personalities in the book, Curley"s wife has actually no name, unless you consider "tramp," "loo loo," and "jail-bait" to be names. In that instance, this lady"s acquired numerous names.

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Slim, the "prince of the ranch" (around whom you will certainly hear even more later), walks by and also sends Curley"s wife on her means.Time for an additional lecture for Lennie"s benefit: remain amethod from this woman.Lennie, with an admirable sense of self-preservation, states that he doesn"t like this place—yet they"ve obtained to stay until they can buy a ranch of their very own.Slim now stands in the doorway.You obtain the sense that Steinbeck has actually a small little of a man-crush on Slim: he"s valuable, tough as nails, understanding, highly expert at his task, cool and also calm, and still humble. Heck, we have actually a bit of a crush on him.In comes an additional visitor: Carlchild, that asks Slim about his new litter of puppies.Maybe Slim could provide one of these puppies to Candy as a replacement for his prehistoric dog, which stinks so bad it deserves to be swarm. (According to Carlboy.)At the cite of the word "puppy," Lennie starts wriggling via pleacertain. Pure petting pleasure.Curley mirrors up at the door (don"t these people perform any type of work?) looking for—you guessed it—his wife.He and George snark at each various other a little, but no one whips out any type of roundresidence punches.

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Not yet, at leastern.The dinner bell rings. Thank goodness.