So the feat has no prerequisites and also gives you three amazing features. To be I lacking something or is this the most powerful feat in the game? Shouldn"t every character take it at an initial level?
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Re: Nymph"s Kiss Balance?

So the feat has no prerequisites and also gives friend three amazing features. Am I lacking something or is this the most an effective feat in the game? Shouldn"t every character take it at very first level?
(1) No. Not every character wants to be exalted good. Keep in mind that stop you to an nearly paladin-like password of conduct.(2) The other needs are not guaranteed at first level either. Your DM needs to agree to giving you a connection with a fey creature at level 1, and thereafter you must maintain such a relationship or you shed the advantage of the feat.(3) while very, really good, +1 skill point per level, +1 to saves, and +2 to charisma based skill checks is hardly as impressive as several tasks that approve entirely new abilities.

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Nymph"s Kiss gives me a couple minor bonuses and saddles me with a relationship. Through comparison, herbal Spell enables me to victory Druid.
Greater ˈgrā-tər comparative adjective1. Describing basically the exact same monster but with double the RHD.
I"m walk to be honest, "the Welsh became a good Power and conquered Germany" is virtually exactly the opposite of the explanation ns was expecting
Nymph"s Kiss provides me a pair minor bonuses and saddles me v a relationship. Through comparison, herbal Spell allows me to win Druid.
Polyamorous Hellbred?Seriously though, it would certainly be a solid skillmonkey feat if it to be Exalted. Yet it is. For this reason nevermind. Leadership, Shock Trooper, DMM:Persistent Spell, and a hold of other feats are a lot stronger anyhow.JaronK
Its not exactly AMAZING, however its no too poor either. That a couple small boosts, however nothing game changing. The skill bonus is small, but an excellent over the long run, the conserve bonuses aren"t precious a feat (seriously, a constant item the resistance provides the same advantage for 2000 or 4000 gold), and also the +2 come cha based skiills is mainly forgetable, because builds that emphasis on the cha skills other 보다 umd commonly pump tham u so high the +2 is a microscope bonus, therefore its main advantage of that component is umd. In turn, you need to make regular appointments with the fey, and since that is exalted, you have to keep really tight restrictin on your actions (its means to basic to gain into a lose-lose alignment instance with exalted).
It"s probably the finest Exalted feat, yet definitely not the ideal feat. Then again, the Exalted accomplishments are largely craptastic anyway.

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and a many DM"s will certainly murder girlfriend for mentioning the book of exalted dunces, which can likewise be taken into consideration a negative... And, together stated, you do have to retain your partnership with the fey, and also stay exalted great (which is an extremely unfey in behavior, TBH, therefore will more than likely net you loosing claimed fey together a freind)now, a druid with natural spell is much, much more nasty because that one feat. More so if they determined to it is in a poverty-stricken be afflicted with to provide you boosts in bear form instead of that useles gear your acquiring that calls for thumbs you gave up for godly power...
-It"s fifty percent as solid as having each the the save boosters.-It"s as solid as having actually four tasks giving +2 to two different skills.-It permits you to max out one more skill.Frankly, simply the first effect is equal to an another feat (luck the heroes). The 2nd is equal to four feats. The third is equal to 1 feat+1 feat per 5 levels beyond the an initial (there"s a feat offering you 5 skill ranks).Granted, it"s not most likely you"d want to take any type of of the tasks just stated (I"d consider luck the heroes in the rare case that I have a feat slot come spare, noþeles making your saves far better is good, save an increasing magic items is the an initial thing ns invest in, always).It"s very strong, and also quite the end of balance because that what it does contrasted to accomplishments that does the same thing.Most builds have accomplishments that add to more far-reaching increases to power 보다 this have the right to do. Native a mechanically view, it"s certainly a feat I"d shot to fit right into most builds, suspect I can either ignore the fluff needs or actually won"t mental adhering to them. Cheesy means is to take the feat, it is in exalted, grab leadership and let her beloved fey be a monitor or mebbe your cohort, partnership maintenance no longer a problem