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Now This Looks like a job For Me advert to photo from the music video for the track "Without Me" by Eminem that began being supplied as a reaction photo in late June that 2017 for situations in i beg your pardon the poster volunteer for a task. The jokes often tend to be edgy in content and also are renowned on meme-focused subreddits.


The image in question comes from Eminem"s music video clip or "Without Me" (shown below).

On June 25th, 2017, Redditor BedlingtonTerrier<1> post the an initial known modify to /r/ComedyCemetary, saying the he witnessed his friend short article the modify on iFunny, despite it"s unsure if that"s true. The article gained end 3,200 point out (shown below).



Edits in the adhering to days often tended to be similarly edgy in nature. On the 26th, a variation regarding Muslims and bestiality was posted come /r/dankmemes<2> and also gained end 250 points (shown below, left). Meanwhile on Hiddenlol,<3> user EVILJD produced three edit on the 26th, the most popular showing Adolf Hitler (shown below, right).


On the 28th, Redditor FingerBangYourFears created a renowned version for /r/wholesomememes<4> that connected dogs. The post, displayed below, got over 1,200 clues on the subreddit and also gained traction on various other websites. For example, top top the Facebook web page Crispy Doggo Memes,<5> it was reposted and also gained end 6,400 likes and shares.

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In October 2019, tiktok users began using the track in videos and syncing the heat "this looks favor a job for me" through the instance in the video. ~ above October 10th, TikToker
daviddrubury uploaded a video which implements the line and gained end 45,500 likes and also 1,900 share in a month (show below, left). Top top November 2nd, tiktok user
bricksquad69 uploaded a video clip about your "job" being to disappoint their parents (show below, center). The video clip garnered over 181,500 likes and also 7,500 share in 19 days. Top top November 7th, tiktok user
misscatherinemora uploaded a video using the sound clip around Thanos which obtained over 23,200 likes and also 590 share in 14 work (shown below, right).



<1> /r/ComedyCemetary – Friend simply made this and posted that on iFunny. Carry out I require a new friend?

<2> Reddit – Salim Shady Ni