Savage Ga$p and Keshore rap around their past exes. The previous is drunk, and keeps call his ex to tell her that he desires to get back together. Even though the calls her, she… check out More 

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(Gaspare, what the hell girlfriend doin'?)Like uh, what the fuckI’m for this reason drunkDamn ns think that I’m in loveBut my friends like "naw bro you just drunk as fuck"Like uh, what the fuckI’m in loveI'ma shot call girlfriend upBut you favor "boy you drunk and I’m hanging upAnd ns said like uhCan you offer it come me straight?I don’t wanna go however I know that the fateWith the motherfucking climbed gold light in her faceI don’t know where come goWe should go obtain away, what's up?Pull increase on 'em dripping in some YSLLike wow, I see you insight in the irradiate nowNight mode, I simply wanna look into your glowing smileI simply want you earlier up in my life girlLook I'm sorry that ns missed her textBut I’m just really fucking drunk and I just miss mine exAnd I just wanna allow her know that i still check out her friendsAnd the I always ask about her, wonder exactly how she’s beenLook, God really snapped as soon as he do youI'ma call your parents say thank youAnd I know I’m out of pocketBut i think possibly we should try a redo

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Like uh, what the fuckI’m so drunkDamn ns think that I’m in loveBut mine friends like "naw bro you simply drunk together fuck"Like uh, what the fuckI’m in loveI'ma shot call girlfriend upBut you like "boy you drunk and also I’m hanging up"Take me earlier to the daysBack in your '01 mustang, back when you would love meBack prior to we had actually the drug problems and also the trust thingBack as soon as I would certainly only care for one thing: YouLook, summer doesn’t last foreverBut ns think we might grow old togetherJust mental what ns told youI would really run up in the sky and also put mine feelings to the side and also put the galaxy before youI would hold the sun up to warm youI would organize the moon therefore you can glow tooI just gotta to speak girl i really got these flaming warm Cheetos on mine fingers i’m tryna hold youI'm tryna hold youBeep, beep, beep, beep, it is previous fiveWhere is my bitch? ns hitting she lineIf she don’t pick up, ns guess I’ll acquire highAnd dub every bitch, cursed kisses onlineAnd I’ve to be broken since like what? Um, think it to be 16And that’s a pair of years from the presentSo guess what? i’m still adjustingDrunk in a steakhouse, stole a T-bone because that my babySplit the seams prior to we make the end babyAll black color own, she gon' discover at my MorehouseWhat, it is a university babyAnd we can make a movie if you emotion itPeanut butter mix, caramel shawty v some jam ~ above itMan's many finest, you my princess native the skyNisekoi baby, locked top top yo' eyesAnd I can be like complete metal, we can alchemizeReally develop a family, you and IDark work rascals, call sweet liesBut as soon as I’m v you, you see the fact in mine lies