One that our favorite things about makeup is the it’s for this reason versatile and it can completely alter the size of her face. Depending upon your preference… A smaller sized nose? enlarge eyes? an ext defined cheekbones? noþeles is possible, you just need to know which areas to emphasize with a tiny contour or to mark in the appropriate places. Girlfriend can fully change the dimension or form of her nose, it’s entirely up come you! so here’s a fast roundup the our go-to nose contouring tricks:

1. Prep her Base

Before you also think around contouring her nose, you need to prep and also prime your base for flawless application. Us recommend priming with an oil-free, mattifying primer, like the Huda beauty beauty Matte Perfection Pre-Makeup Base, $32. We constantly choose a matte primer together your nose tends to gain oily transparent the day. Once you’ve applied the primer, follow with a matte structure and then set it with a setup powder – et voila. Time to contour.

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2. Great the contour

If girlfriend layer your contour you’ll help to enhance definition and balance out the symmetry of your nose. Start with cream contour, complied with by a powder – girlfriend can always use a dark brown eyeshadow or a contour palette, every little thing you have to hand. Ashier tones will look much more natural, so shot and avoid anything through an orange undertone. The cream will create a basic shadow and also the flour will aid blend the shades so the looks more natural. However, if you desire a subtler shadow, then just stick with a powder and also skip the cream contour.

3. Blend, blend, blend


The number one ascendancy when it involves contour is blending. You deserve to have a perfectly chiseled nose face-on, however you don’t desire to turn to the side and also have a heavily contoured file – it’s a total giveaway. Blend inwards towards the facility of your nose as this will make her nose show up narrower.

For a more natural look, once you’ve blended your contour, friend can apply another an extremely light class of foundation. This will produce the illusion of a shadow fairly than obvious contouring. However be careful; you just to use a thin layer – we in reality blend it the end on our hand and also then move the product to our nose.

4. Start at the brows

Always start your contour at the former of the brow, working downwards in the direction of the tip: this will assist ensure the both sides space equal, so friend don’t finish up with a wonky nose! Continue your contour come the really bottom of her nose, just above where your nostrils begin. This will help it show up slimmer.

5. Play v your brows

This hack is both straightforward and effective: To make your nose look slimmer, lug your brows in closer towards your nose. In the picture above, we’ve digitally edited the image and also taken turn off the inner part of the brow come highlight how closer-together-brows can make your nose appear narrower.

6. Get the snatched effect

To make your nose show up thinner, you can use a concealer that’s roughly two shades lighter than your natural skin ton on either next of your nose. By highlighting this are, it’ll do your nose look more slender. To heighten this contrast, collection it v a bright setup powder.

7. Straighten the end a bump in her nose 

While quirks favor this can add character to your face, if you’d like to hide it then you deserve to use a tiny bronzer to disguise it. By adding a matte bronzer or one ashy contour the shade on the bump, it’ll visually flatten the bump to produce the illusion the a straighter nose. Then finish with a small highlight on the reminder of your nose, i beg your pardon will attract attention far from the bump.

8. Skip the highlight

If you have a rounded nose or a sleep that’s slightly larger at the tip, don’t use highlighter here (highlighter is supplied to attract attention come areas). Instead, use a shimmered bronzer come the an extremely center of the nose, over the bump. This will attract the eye to the slenderest area quite than the biggest. We’ve digitally magnified the image over to do the nose look contempt enlarged at the bottom, so you can see exactly how a tiny highlight (right image) in the best place have the right to go a long way.

Clever tips to draw attention away from the nose:

Think about your hair: her hairstyle can make a substantial difference come the size of her face. Placing highlights in your hair can draw attention away from the face and also nose, if a next parting can additionally make a bigger nose show up smaller. However, bangs accentuate the middle of the face, making your nose show up bigger. Examine out our guide for hairstyles to flatter your face shape here.

Go because that a interlocutor eye: A dramatic eye will draw attention away from the nose, so don’t be afraid to accentuate your eye through an elongated wing or a pair that lashes.

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Let us recognize if you’ve tried any of these nose contouring hacking in the comments below.