Last summer, the so late Erik Halvorsen, owner of norse Tree business in Setauket, functioned on a task with Michael J. Opisso designs beautifying the town Green in Stony Brook Village. As soon as that job was finished, Erik pointed out that the had always wanted come donate a Dogwood tree to the Ward Melville legacy Organization and it was identified that a ar would it is in finalized at a later on date. Unfortunately in irradiate of his recent tragic passing, that will certainly not happen.

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In his honor, WMHO has actually now planted that tree because that him. A 14-foot Kousa Dogwood was freshly donated and installed by Jeff Owen of Owen brothers Landscaping. The white flowering tree will certainly bloom from may to July. A bronze plaque honoring Erik’s memory will be put on a boulder ~ above the town Green in ~ a distinct dedication consciousness this spring.

If you would favor to make a contribution, you re welcome send your tax deductible donation come WMHO (P. O. Crate 572, Stony Brook, NY 11790) and note Erik’s name. Any type of proceeds over and above the cost of the plaque and also boulder will certainly be offered to the Halvorsen family. For more information please call 631-751-2244.

Setauket arborist Erik Halvorsen dies following autumn from tree
by Donna Newman - December 1, 2016
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Erik Halvorsen in his last photo, taken throughout a Thanksgiving weekend vacation at be affected by each other Mountain. Photo from Britt Halvorsen

Setauket arborist Erik Halvorsen, 45, passed away Monday, complying with a tragic accident while functioning on a tree in Avalon Park & maintain in Stony Brook.

The owner of vikings Tree service Inc. Was approximately 50 feet increase in a tree while attempting to reduced it down at around 11:15 a.m., follow to Suffolk ar Police. The trunk splintered and also trapped him versus the tree. Halvorsen, that was attract a safety harness, test to free himself and fell 20 feet. An employee to be able to reduced Halvorsen come the ground. He to be transported via St. James Fire room ambulance to Stony Brook university Hospital, where he to be pronounced dead.

Suffolk county Police Homicide squad detectives are investigating the death, although no foul beat is suspected. This is typical procedure in workplace deaths, police said.

George Powers, previous owner that the Hither Brook Nursery in St. James, recalled his customer’s work ethic and also expertise.

was very an excellent at what the did — that was no a cowboy,” Powers claimed in a phone interview. “He took all the precautions. And then this happened anyway.”

A woman who involved the door in ~ the Avalon office ~ above Harbor road in Stony Brook decreased to comment, however Avalon’s leadership Program director Katharine Griffiths authorize a statement later on Tuesday morning on instead of of her whole staff.

“Erik was a girlfriend to many of us at the park,” Griffiths wrote in an email Tuesday. “We are heartbroken over this tragic accident. We prolong our deepest condolences come his family and also his many friends.”

Halvorsen walk a great deal of occupational for The Ward Melville Heritage organization in Stony Brook. Chairman Gloria Rocchio to express her fear at the accident and her admiration for the man.

“We worked with Erik for years in Stony Brook,” she said. “He was an extremely sensitive. As soon as we did job-related on the village green, that designed . That was prefer an art form, what that did. Anyone was an extremely happy through the result. He was really passionate. Every one of us below at The Ward Melville Heritage company are devastated. He was a an excellent man.”

“Erik was by much one of the hardest working males we knew. He was among the an excellent guys, a person who would lend a helping hand without a 2nd thought.”

—Laura Brown

The people at lamb Pasture Tree & Nursery supply Inc., friends and neighbors of norse Tree business on sheep Pasture road in harbor Jefferson Station, claimed he was very easy come recommend.

“Erik to be by far one that the hardest working males we knew,” Laura Brown claimed in an email. “He was one of the an excellent guys, a human being who would certainly lend a help hand without a second thought. We quickly recommended him to our customers because we knew he would execute a an excellent job. Once he came into our office, he was constantly happy, funny to speak with and also a gentleman. We will miss out on the job of him walking into our office in ~ 5:45 a.m. To use our fax machine. We will miss out on him as will certainly so numerous in our community.”

Bob Koch of Koch Tree services reflected ~ above the impact the event has had on the community.

“I desire everybody to understand that the tree neighborhood is a very tight-knit family,” Koch said in a phone call interview. “A tragedy favor this affects anyone in it. Our hearts go out to Erik’s family. He was a wonderful young man. We all feeling it when something choose this happens.”

Powers mutual an anecdote around Halvorsen that spoke come his character.

“He and his mam were on holidays on some island,” powers recalled. “He observed a dog tied increase in a an extremely bad way. Therefore he let it loose. The following day the dog to be again bound up. For this reason he adopted the dog and brought that home. He had actually to go with a the majority of paperwork and also paid to have actually flown home. Yet that dog loved him. You could see it. That was just a great person.”

Halvorsen pipeline a wife, Britt, and three children, Liv, Leif and Lilli.

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A celebration of Erik’s life has been scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 17, native 1 to 4 p.m. At the Old field Club in Setauket. In lieu that flowers, donations may be sent to Gerda’s Animal help Inc., a rescue organization run by Britt Halvorsen’s mother, in ~ P.O. Box 1352, West Townshend, VT 05359, or by phone call 802-874-7213.