KALAMAZOO, MI — A brand-new entertainment venue, mead hall and outdoor beer garden are coming to downtown Kalamazoo.

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With cool designs ~ above a 4,000-square-foot mead hall, one equally huge concert space, a dog-friendly beer garden with much more live entertainment, and after that a Nordic tapas restaurant, Valhalla — makers of norseman Nectar Mead and soon City Union Brewery beers — will certainly soon call the an are at 530 W. Kalamazoo Ave. Home.

Thom McGuire, evil president and chief operation officer of the employee-owned mead maker, stated the expect is to be in the brand-new space, previously occupied by kilometres Machinery, by year’s end.

At present, Valhalla operates out of a an are at 3408 müller Road, whereby the company has to be crafting mead due to the fact that 2012 and also distributing about the state.

After buying the end the vault owner in 2019, McGuire and the rest of the employee property team opened the doors to the Miller road taproom onsite in October 2020. Simultaneously, the team has increased its distribution 10 time over, growing from 30 circulation points to 300 throughout Michigan in the previous two years. The score is to increase into various other Midwestern claims in the close to future.

Despite pandemic-induced hurdles, the Viking hall, “owned through a mix of free pagans and conservative Christians, who all get along — the means it have to be” has actually crafted a quick following and will storage one year of serving up mead-tales, meads and beer in-person on Saturday, Oct. 23.

The first annual “Valhalladay” will attribute a beard-growing competition, axe-throwing contest, live music and more from noon-midnight at the Miller road location. And, that course, mead — “the drink of the gods.”

“I think we just do things a little bit in different ways than most people,” stated McGuire, 53, while talking about Valhalla’s mead and also comparing the countless categories and subcategories the mead to those of handmade beer.

For starters, every mead is made v fermented honey. At the very least 51% of the fermentable qualities must it is in honey for it come be taken into consideration a mead, claimed McGuire, who likewise serves as president that the Michigan Mead machines Guild.

“We take it a ton that time to make certain our meads space where they must be prior to we release them,” McGuire said. “We currently have around 8,000 gallons of mead in procedure and go through about 24,000 pounds of honey a year.”

With that enhanced production, Valhalla is just outgrowing that space. Plus, McGuire said, “no one ever before drives under Miller roadway on a Friday night and also says, ‘Now where have the right to I go acquire a drink?’”

So, with service booming, clientele growing and also production needing more and much more of the present space, Valhalla’s property team figured time to be ripe for a move to a an ext visible location.

The new location will certainly be a true mead hall by definition. Plans include four-top tables topped through Viking shields attached to kiln-dried tree stumps and long, wooden picnic tables to hold larger parties. Movie-set-caliber trees and an ice cavern crafted by Kalamazoo company Sawdust and Levity will fill out the hall.

Both the indoor and outdoor to chat venues should be able to hold 450-500 people, McGuire said.

To date, Valhalla has actually contracted v Kalamazoo beer an equipment Brewery Outré and also served their beer in the Miller road taproom. If Valhalla prepares for its new space, Brewery Outré is doing the same and also has designs on opening its very own brewery in Kalamazoo soon.

Enter City Union Brewery — a brand brand-new brewery under the Valhalla flag that will certainly tap its very first beers in the comes months. The brewery’s name originates from the historic pre-prohibition Kalamazoo brewery of the same name. The naming rights were purchased to use for the new business, McGuire said.

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Keeping history at the forefront, the very first two beers will be named Lake Street Lager and also Portage Street Porter, after ~ the intersection wherein the old brewery (and later on The Creamery) stood. Another historic nod will be the Kalamazoo Train Wreck dual IPA, named after a 1924 wreck in Kalamazoo that eliminated one and injured 27.

City Union beer will be brewed at the müller Street manufacturing facility with equipment purchased native Tibbs unavoidable Company, i beg your pardon closed in 2020, citing COVID-19 restrictions. There will also be a three-barrel system onsite in ~ the new location downtown.

Similar to their existing location, berserkers will guy the door and Valkyries will certainly pour those worthy to enter their mead and their beer. And, the course, patrons will have actually the possibility to sign up with the Oxhorn Mug Club, i m sorry comes v a plethora the discounts, particularly on Thor’s work (Thursday) when growler fills room 40% off.

Growlers that mead additionally tend to critical a little longer than beer, too, with a shelf life that a year, McGuire said.

When it comes to mead, one have the right to expect home favorites such together the Raspberry holy Grail, the Coffee Denlinger, the Dark angel Blackberry Ginger Mead, frozen drink such together the Hripo — a Hurricane make of light and dark meads — and after-dinner cordials made through Atacún chocolate and raspberry.

Atacún chocolate, and the Chickadee Cider served at Valhalla, room all under the Roast Umber Coffee flag, a firm they have contracted with for your chocolate and also coffee needs. For the non-drinker, that consists of a nitro cold brew, warm coffee and also Bifrost soda and cream soda.

And because that the cocktail drinker, there’s an array of mead-tales — cocktails made with mead as the just alcohol — shortly to have actually their very own book, each through an accompanying vikings tale. In one more year or so, Valhalla hopes to start its very own true cocktail line as well, McGuire said.

The mead room at 3408 Miller road is right now open from 5-11 p.m. Thursdays, 5 p.m. - 2 a.m. Fridays, noon - 2 a.m. Saturdays and also noon - 11 p.m. Sundays. Over there is no kitchen, yet outside food is welcome.

Valhalla likewise hosts Dungeons and also Dragons night every other Tuesday night. Other consistent events encompass pub trivia nerds in ~ 7 p.m. Top top Fridays, an open mic night v Dooley Wilgenhof in ~ 7 p.m. Every Sunday and also tarot readings top top the 3rd Thursday of every month. From noon-2 p.m. Every Sunday, over there is likewise an not blocked pagan community hangout.

Once in their new location, McGuire claimed he expects come be open Tuesday-Sunday weekly. For an ext information, visit https://norsenectar.com/.

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