Looking for a Viking-inspired name? The surname in this list are motivated by the Viking culture, but modern-day enough for your tiny warrior.

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If you want to provide your fearless little explorer a Viking name, take it a look through our list of names motivated by this Norse conquerors.

Vikings were the seafaring Norse human being of Scandinavia. They hailed from what is currently Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The Vikings emerged an infamous reputation because that raiding and also pirating throughout Europe and also Asia, but they weren"t monsters. ~ above the contrary, they had actually a rich culture including sophisticated survival tactics and also fascinating tales of vikings Mythology.

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Vikings compliment from the bitter cold Scandinavian North and they walk out looking for brand-new and far better places to live. The they thrived in, stable in English, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Iceland, Greenland, and also even phibìc America. The duration of Viking expansion, from the so late 8th to the late 11th Century, is recognized as the Viking Age.

Thanks come Hollywood, AncestryDNA results, and exciting research findings, much more and more people are proudly claiming their Viking heritage. Many world with ireland or german heritage are learning that they likewise have Nordic or Finnish DNA, likely tying them come a Viking ancestor lengthy ago.

To respect their old Viking heritage, numerous expectant parents are picking original Viking names or Norse name for their children. Our favorites for boys incorporate Leif, Rune, Bjorn, and also when it pertains to girls us love Freya, Helga, and Randi.

If you"re on a langskip voyage to discover a surname for your babe, this post not only unearths Viking naming traditions, however it additionally uncovers 100 that the most popular Viking surname to accumulate your search.

Viking specify name Traditions

Vikings complied with a couple of common legacies for name-giving.

After a Relative - Vikings revered their Scandinavian ancestors, so calling their child after one was thought to happen on the deceased one’s luck and success to him or her.After a God – Vikings glorified their Norse gods in countless ways, including naming their boy after them. Many times, they would take facets of a Norse god’s name and create a surname for themselves. For example, Thor was typically turned into Thorald or Thorgest.

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After a Sibling – parental would frequently use the first letter that the oldest sibling because that the rest of each child’s name. This is a common tradition through even modern families who have youngsters all v the same first letter. Scandinavian parental would likewise use the an initial element the a name for all of their children, such as Astrid, Aren, Åse, Astrid, etc.

Viking Names because that Girls

Áma - old Scandinavian, Greenlandic, method "eagle"; vikings Mythology, a giantessÅse - Norwegian, Swedish, means, "god"Astra – Norwegian, Swedish, means, "as beautiful together a god"Astrid – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "beautiful goddess, divine strength"Borghild - Norwegian, way “battle fortification”; vikings Mythology, mam of SigmundBrynhild - norseman Mythology, a maiden that was rescued through a guy pretending to be her husbandEir - Icelandic, Norwegian, means "mercy"; norseman Mythology, goddess that healing and medicine.Elli - vikings Mythology, old period personifiedEmbla - Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "uncertain"; norseman Mythology, one of the first two humansErica – Swedish, means "mighty ruler"Freja - Danish, Swedish, method "lady"; norse Mythology, goddess the love, beauty, war, and deathFreya – norseman Mythology, vikings goddess that love, beauty, war, and deathFrigg - vikings Mythology, vikings goddess of the earth, air and fertilityGerd - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "enclosure"; vikings Mythology, fertility goddess, frost giantessGrid - vikings Mythology, frost giantess and also mother that Víðarr through OdinHeidrun - vikings Mythology, a goat that would certainly eat the pipeline from the tree the life and also produce mead in she udder.Helga - Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, German, Dutch, Finnish, HungarianHilda - Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, method "battle"Hilde – German, Dutch, Norwegian, way "battle"Hildr - norseman Mythology, a valkyrieHlife - ancient Scandinavian, Icelandic, method "protection"Hrefna - ancient Scandinavian, means "raven"Hulda - Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, way “hiding, secrecy”; norseman Mythology, a sorceressIdunn - norseman Mythology, goddess that spring and immortalityKara - norseman Mythology, a valkyrieLiv – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, method "protection"Liva - Danish, way "protection"Live - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, method "protection"Nanna - Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, method “daring, brave”; norse Mythology, goddess who died of grief as soon as her husband Balder to be killedRagnfríðr - old Scandinavian, way "beautiful advice"Randi - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, method "beautiful advice"Revna – Faroese, means "raven"Roar - Norwegian, way "warrior"Rúna – ancient Scandinavian, Icelandic, Faroese, way "secret lore"Saga – Swedish, Icelandic, means "seeing one"; norseman Mythology, goddess that poetry and also historySigrid – Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, way "beautiful victory"Sif - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "bride"; norseman Mythology, wife of Thor.Siv - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, method "bride"; norseman Mythology, mam of Thor.Skadi - vikings Mythology, mountain giantess associated with the winter and skiingSkuld - norseman Mythology, Norn that the future, one of three goddesses the destinySolveig – Norwegian, Swedish, method "strength the the sun"Svanhild - vikings Mythology, daughter that Sigurd and also GudrunUrd - vikings Mythology, Norn that the past, among three goddesses that destinyVerdandi - norse Mythology, Norn of the present, among three goddesses the destiny

Viking Names for Boys

Aesir – norse Mythology, a norse godAlf - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means, "elf"; norseman Mythology, Alf was a king who sought a reluctant maiden who later changed her mindAlvis - vikings Mythology, a dwarf that was to marry Thor"s daughter Thrud.Aren - Danish, means "eagle"Arne - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, method "eagle"Aric – Swedish, Old Norse, way "eternal ruler"Asbjorne - Norwegian, Danish, method "bear"Bjarke - Danish, method "bear"Bjarne - old Scandinavian, Faroese, method "bear"Bjoern - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "bear"Björn - Swedish, Icelandic, German, method "bear"Bragi - Icelandic, way “first”; norse Mythology, vikings god that poetryEbbe - Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, means "wild boar"Erik - Scandinavian, way "eternal ruler"Erling – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, method "heir the the clan, chief"Espen - Danish, Norwegian, way "bear"Espen - Danish, Norwegian, means "bear"Fenrir - vikings Mythology, a giant, monstrous wolf - Loki"s son by the angry giantess Angrboða - who was destined to death the god Odin at the final battle of RagnarökFrey - vikings Mythology, vikings god that fertility, sunlight, and rainFreyre – vikings Mythology, vikings god of fertility, sunlight, and rainFrode – Danish, Norwegian, means "learned, wise"Gandalf - Old Norse, way "wand elf"Gisli – Icelandic, Faroese, ancient Scandinavian, means "pledge"Gunnar – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, way "he that stands alone"; vikings Mythology, husband that Brynhildr, a maiden rescued by one more man who pretended to it is in GunnarHarald – Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, means "lord and also ruler"Helge - Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, means "holy, blessed"Herleif – Norwegian, method "warrior descendant"Hrafen - old Scandinavian, means "raven"Ivar – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, method "bow warrior, archer"Leif – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "descendant, heir"Loki – norseman Mythology, the sharper godMagnus – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "great, mighty"Njord - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, method “strong, vigorous”Odin – vikings Mythology, the highest possible of the vikings gods, presiding end art, war, wisdom and also deathOlaf - Norwegian, Danish, method "ancestor"s descendent"Ragnar – Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, way "army rule"Rune - Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, way "secret lore"Sindri - ancient Scandinavian, Icelandic, method “sparkling”; vikings Mythology, dwarf that made wonder items because that the godsTor - vikings Mythology, vikings god of strength, thunder, war and also storms, kid of OdinThor – norse Mythology, vikings god of strength, thunder, war and storms, boy of OdinTyr - norseman Mythology, god of war and justiceUlf – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, method "wolf"Ulrik – Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, method "noble ruler"Vidar – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "warrior"; norse Mythology, child of Odin and GridVolund - Old Norse, method “skillful, artful”

Gender-Neutral Viking Names

Alex - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, means "defender"Audor - old Scandinavian, means "wealth"Hanne - Danish, Norwegian, means "Yaweh is gracious"Henny - Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, method "home ruler"Inge – Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, method "ancestor"Jo - English, German, Dutch, Norwegian, means "Yaweh is gracious"Mille - Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, means "rival"Selby – English, way "willow farm"Storm - Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, method "storm"