When it concerns condoms, yes, latex ones space still the most popular and usually the easiest to conveniently come by. However what happens if it offers you a rashes or allergic reaction? Thankfully, condoms have been about for, like, 5ever, made out of every little thing from lambskin come hollowed-out horns (talk around getting horny, eh??). No, that doesn’t mean you have to strap top top a piece of linen or leather (actually, please don’t)—it’s simply a reminder that non-latex options ARE the end there. Bless!

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Synthetic alternatives. This contains polyisoprene, polyurethane, or polyethylene condoms, many of which room on this list and also protect versus both pregnancy and also STIs. Mainstream latex condom brands like Durex, Trojan, and SKYN often carry a non-latex condom version.

For avoiding pregnancy and STI/HIV transmission:


These negative bois are obtainable in drugstores every over, therefore you deserve to rest easy understanding non-latex choices are readily available. They’re made with polyisoprene, i m sorry is softer than latex and also offers the exact same amount the protection versus pregnancy and STIs together latex prophylactics do. They’re also manufactured in a facility the doesn’t process latex in ~ all, so you deserve to be certain there’s ~zero~ cross-contamination keep going here. SKYN has actually a ton of latex-free options too—there space ultra-thin prophylactics (20 percent diluent than continual condoms), prophylactics with extra lube, extra-studded condoms, and bigger sizes as well.

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2. Durex actual Feel Non-Latex Condoms


Like SKYN condoms, this choice from Durex is additionally made v polyisoprene because that latex-free comfort. This boast more that a herbal skin-on-skin feeling and have an easier shape to role on and also stay in place throughout sex.

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3. Trojan Supra Non-Latex BareSkin


The Non-Latex BareSkin condoms have a super-thin design, making lock especially an excellent for transmitting organic body heat. They are made the medical-grade polyurethane and also can work through water and oil-based lubricants (which is a large effing deal, due to the fact that latex condoms erode v oil).

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4. Distinct Pull Non-Latex Condoms


These room a little bit harder to find, however if because that some factor SKYN, Trojan, and Durex options aren’t act it for you, lock are certainly worth the hunt. They’re made with AT-10, a artificial polyethylene resin. Likewise worth mentioning: These condoms are finest suited for average or girth-ier penises. Those who aren’t as, um, big shouldn’t shot these. Remember: A condom that’s so large it drops off or won’t stay in place doesn’t offer any kind of protection from pregnancy or STI transmission! These condoms are likewise packaged in a unique credit-card-size package, perfect because that slipping right into your wallet or purse.

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No, this “lambskin” prophylactics don’t typical you’ll be pulling a leather bag over her partner’s penis. “Lambskin” just method it’s do of lamb intestine, so be down with that prior to you go the end buying 27 box of these. The membrane the the intestine is completely latex-free and ideal because that a monogamous couple interested only in pregnancy prevention.

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