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"There"s No Time come Explain" is an expression frequently used come alert who of one unplanned occasion or location that requires prompt attention. External of that is colloquial usage, it is often featured in image macros showing oddly posed pets or civilization in absurd looking vehicles.

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In April 2009, the phrase was also featured in an episode of Charlie the Unicorn. Among its earliest well-known instances of picture macro to be posted on ns Can has actually Cheezburger<3> top top November 3rd, 2009, mirroring an orange cat sitting on what appears to it is in a backpack (shown below).


Prior to its figure in photo macros, the phrase “There’s No Time come Explain” had actually been used extensively in movies and also television reflects to describe a suddenly jump in between locations or storylines, including in number of episodes of physician Who<4> and also Star Trek: The following Generation<5>, as well as Woody Allen’s 1991 black-and-white crime movie Shadows and Fog.<6> A TV Tropes <1> page around the phrase’s provides in media was created in February 2009.


In January 6th, 2011, an indie game by the location of the same phrase was exit on Newgrounds.<7> The game’s opening sequence start out through the key character’s future self crashing v the key character’s house stating the words: “There’s no time to explain. Monitor me to…”

The game garnered such support that tinyBuild games launched a Kickstarter project on April 16th to fund complete production the the game<8>, which adheres to an unnamed protagonist as he chases his future self that was kidnapped for an unknown reason. They efficiently raised $26,086 of their $7000 score on might 26th and also the video game was released in August.

On respectable 16th, 2011, a series of image macros featuring the inscription was featured ~ above the viral-content site Buzzfeed.<15> Another collection of photo macros was then posted on Funny or Die<10> a year later on March 7th, 2012. Other instances have actually have also been posted on the Cheezburger Network<14>, MemeCenter<11>, Tumblr<12><13>, and also FunnyJunk.

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<16> as of October 2012, there room 120 results for “There’s No Time to Explain” in the /r/funny subreddit.<9>