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Many human being are publicly testifying digital that the mr Jesus has returned. However, part people think that when the mr returns, no one will know around it, since it’s recorded in the Bible: “But of the day and also hour knows no man.

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” If it’s true the no one will be mindful of the Lord’s return, climate how have the right to we welcome the Lord? What is the true meaning of “no one to know the work or the hour”? has actually the lord come back? read this text to learn.

We every hope to welcome the Lord’s return. Nowadays, the 4 blood moons have already appeared; earthquakes, famines, plagues and also all sorts of other catastrophes are becoming more and more frequent. The prophecies that the Lord’s second coming have basically been fulfilled. And there are many civilization who are publicly testifying digital that the lord Jesus has returned. Yet many brothers and sisters space confused: “The Bible clearly says: ‘But of that day and hour knows no man, not the angels that heaven, nor the Son, but My dad only’ (Matthew 24:36). How could those bearing witness understand that the Lord has come back? has actually the mr truly returned? How can we welcome the Lord?” this are important questions that relate to even if it is we can welcome the Lord. Let’s explore them together.


What Is the definition of “No One knows the job or the Hour”?

The scriptures says: “But of the day and hour to know no man.” based upon this verse, part brothers and also sisters believe that no one will recognize when the mr returns. And so, as soon as they hear the news that the Lord’s 2nd coming, they do not think it or inspection it. If we act like them, once will we welcome the 2nd coming of the Lord? The mr Jesus prophesied: “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom comes; walk you the end to accomplish him” (Matthew 25:6). And also there is likewise a prophecy in the book of Revelation: “Behold, i stand in ~ the door, and also knock: if any kind of man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and also will sup with him, and he through Me” (Revelation 3:20). We deserve to learn from these verses that the Lord will knock at the door of our hearts with His words when He return in the critical days, and that someone will certainly cry the end that the Bridegroom has actually come. Since there will be who crying the the Lord has come, climate it’s clean that once the lord returns, He will certainly surely let us know. So, i will not ~ our approach “no one will understand when the lord returns” contradict the mr Jesus’ words? If we refuse to investigate after hearing who cry out that the Bridegroom has actually come, wouldn’t we then be shutting our doors on the Lord?

Then how should we know the city “But of that day and hour knows no man”? Let’s check out this verse along with the vault verses. “Now find out a parable of the fig tree; when his branch is yet tender, and also puts forth leaves, you recognize that summer is near: So likewise you, when you shall check out all these things, understand that that is near, also at the doors. Truly ns say to you, This generation shall no pass, till all these things be fulfilled. Heaven and also earth shall pass away, yet My native shall not pass away. But of that day and hour knows no man, no the angels that heaven, no one the Son, yet My dad only” (Matthew 24:32–36). This verses speak that the sign of the 2nd coming of the Lord, and also “it is near, also at the doors” means that the Lord will come soon. God’s will certainly is for united state to save watch and also wait because that His return because the exact date and also time that the return the the Lord are unknown by anyone of us. Therefore, “But of the day and hour to know no man” suggests that no one knows the specific time and also date the child of man descends to work, but that doesn’t average that nobody will recognize when the lord returns come appear and also do work. Let’s review a passage of god’s words for this reason that us can get a much better understanding the this verse.

God says: “At the rest of dawn, unbeknownst to the multitudes of humanity, God involved earth and also began His life in the flesh. World were unaware that the coming of this moment. Perhaps they to be all fast asleep; maybe numerous who to be watchfully awake to be waiting, and maybe plenty of were praying silently come God in heaven. Yet among all these countless people, not a solitary one knew the God had already arrived ~ above earth.” “At the beginning, once Jesus had actually yet come officially do His ministry, prefer the hands-on worker that followed Him, sometimes He additionally attended meetings, and sang hymns, provided praise, and also read the Old testament in the temple. ~ He to be baptized and also arose, the soul officially lower upon Him and also began come work, revealing His identity and the ministry the He was to undertake. Before this, nobody knew His identity, and also apart native Mary, not even John knew. Jesus was 29 as soon as He to be baptized. After ~ His baptism to be completed, the heavens to be opened, and also a voice said: ‘This is mine beloved Son, in whom ns am fine pleased.’ as soon as Jesus had actually been baptized, the divine Spirit started to be affected by each other testimony to Him in this way. Before being i was baptized at the age of 29, He had actually lived the life that a common person, eating as soon as He was an alleged to eat, sleeping and dressing normally, and nothing around Him was different from others, despite of course, this was only to the fleshly eyes of man. … The scriptures does not record what he did before He to be baptized because He walk not carry out this work prior to He was baptized. He was simply an simple man and also represented an plain man; prior to Jesus began to carry out His ministry, He to be no various from typical people, and also others might see no difference in Him. It was just after He reached 29 the Jesus knew he had concerned complete a stage of oh my god work; before, He himself did not recognize this, because that the work done by God was no supernatural.

From this words that God, we can see the the minute when God becomes flesh and descends on earth is not recognized by anyone, not also by the child of guy Himself, however only the spirit in sky knows. The is not till God starts to perform His work-related that the holy Spirit will bear witness to the occupational of the incarnate God, and also God’s pendant will spread out His gospel, and also in this method His identity will gradually become known to all. It’s just like when Jehovah God used the prophets come proclaim the coming of the Messiah, no one other than Jehovah God knew exactly how or as soon as the Messiah was going come come. At the beginning, as soon as the mr Jesus ended up being flesh to perform His work, that didn’t know He was the Messiah who was walk to do the work-related of redemption. He lived a normal life on planet as an ordinary human did before He began to execute His ministry, and also so at first nobody knew the He was Christ, the incarnate God Himself. However, after ~ the lord Jesus had been baptized, the holy Spirit began to be afflicted with testimony come Him and also the mr Jesus began to promulgate the means of man’s repentance, do miracles, heal the sick, and exorcise demons, and thereafter part people involved recognize the He was the Messiah. Those who had very first accepted the lord Jesus’ redemptive work, similar to Peter, John and also others, began to spread the gospel the the mr wherever castle went. In this way, much more and an ext people concerned know the Lord’s salvation and also the mr Jesus’ gospel has actually come down from generation come generation till today, once there are countless believers in the Lord across the world. Us all thought in the Lord through hearing rather preach the gospel that the cross. Just as the scriptures says, “So then confidence comes through hearing, and also hearing by words of Christ” (Romans 10:17). Similarly, as soon as the lord returns come appear and do His job-related in the critical days, He will certainly let some civilization know about it first and then have them spread out the an excellent news that His return everywhere. So, if we just sit and wait because that death, and also refuse to investigate God’s occupational of the last days, then we would really likely miss out on God’s salvation. This is just like how the Pharisees and their followers—those Jewish believers—upheld the notion that “since the mr Jesus was not referred to as the Messiah and also was not born in the royal palace, he was not the One who was prophesied to come,” so, even though the mr Jesus had expressed many truths to supply man’s life and also performed countless miracles, completely demonstrating oh my god authority and also power, they still refuse to investigate, and also finally they to be exposed and also eliminated by God.

When we Hear the News of the Lord’s Return, How can We judge If it Is True or False?

How have the right to we number out even if it is what other human being preach is the true way? through regard come this issue, let’s recall how people at the time well-known the lord Jesus as the Messiah after ~ the mr Jesus to be resurrected and also rose to heaven. Despite they hadn’t checked out the mr Jesus challenge to confront or heard him preach with their own ears together the mr Jesus’ practical worker Peter and John did, they come to think in the lord after listening other world preach what the lord Jesus had done, such as bringing people earlier from the dead, calm the wind and the waves, and also feeding 5,000 world with five loaves of bread and also two fish and other together miracles, and that He had expressed many truths to teach human being that they must confess their sins and repent, love the Lord through all your heart and soul, love their neighbor together themselves, and bear the overcome to follow Him, etc. From these they saw that the job-related of the mr Jesus carried authority and power and also couldn’t be excellent by a person, and also that the lord Jesus’ native were all truths which could show lock the route of practice and were what they have to possess come live out suitable humanity. No person being could express together words. And also they additionally felt that as long as they practiced according to the Lord’s words, they could experience peace and also joy. So, they recognized the lord Jesus as the Savior and followed Him. Likewise, we embraced the Lord’s salvation ~ we confirmed that the God Himself who expressed these truths and performed the work, and that whatever He did was for the services of our salvation. Therefore, it’s not hard to number out even if it is it’s the appearance and also work of the reverted Lord. The crucial is to check out whether the the work of conserving mankind and whether the words the expresses are truths that deserve to save man, because God’s appearance and work room meaningful and also are all for the sake of male salvation.

The mr Jesus has talked some indigenous of prophecies concerning the job-related He will certainly do once He returns: “I have actually yet countless things to say to you, yet you cannot bear lock now. However, when He, the soul of truth, is come, that will guide you right into all truth: because that He shall no speak of Himself; however whatever the shall hear, the shall that speak: and He will present you things to come” (John 16:12–13). “He that rejects Me, and also receives not My words, has actually one the judges him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day” (John 12:48). And also the holy bible records: “Sanctify them v Your truth: your word is truth” (John 17:17). “For the moment is come that judgment must start at the home of God” (1 Peter 4:17). These verses display us that once the mr returns, the will, in accordance v our stature, express more and greater truths 보다 those expressed in the period of Grace. He will judge and cleanse us with His words, allowing us come escape the binding of sin and also be purified and changed. So, once we hear someone sharing news that the Lord’s return, we must not thoughtlessly reject it, but should look for with an open up heart. As soon as we hear the voice of God, we have to accept and also obey so that we deserve to welcome the Lord. Just as God’s indigenous says: “Since God i do not care flesh, the shall carry forth the work-related He intends to do, and also since God i do not care flesh, the shall express what he is, and also shall be able to bring the truth to man, bestow life ~ above him, and allude the way for him.” “Since us are in search of the footprints that God, that behooves united state to search for oh my god will, for the words of God, because that His utterances—because wherever over there are brand-new words talked by God, the voice of God is there, and also wherever there room the footsteps that God, oh my god deeds are there. Wherever over there is the expression of God, there God appears, and wherever God appears, there the truth, the way, and also the life exist. In seeking oh my god footprints, you have ignored the words ‘God is the truth, the way, and also the life.’ and so, numerous people, even when they receive the truth, execute not believe that they have found God’s footprints, and also still less do they recognize the figure of God. What a grave mistake!

Only The Church the Almighty God is now testifying that the Lord has actually returned, and that He has actually expressed countless truths and is doing the job-related of judgment and also purification. The majority of indigenous expressed by Almighty God are videotaped in the book, The Word appears in the Flesh. Brothers and sisters who have actually read this book all know that this book is thicker than the Bible, and also that the table of materials alone is end 10 pages. It contains many chapters, together as: “The secret of the Incarnation,” “Concerning the Bible,” “The function of controlling Mankind,” “You must Know just how the totality of humankind Has developed to the current Day,” “God’s Work and Man’s Work,” “Christ walk the job-related of Judgment with the Truth,” “How to recognize the God ~ above Earth,” “Restoring the suitable Life the Man and Taking Him come a exorbitant Destination,” “On Destination.” Almighty oh my god words clearly explain various elements of the truth, such as the mystery of god’s incarnation, the inside story the the Bible, the purpose of oh my gosh six-thousand-year monitoring of the human being race, the difference between the work-related of God and the occupational of man, how God judges and also purifies man, just how He identify the end and destination because that each type of person, just how mankind should understand God, and so forth. This truths room all mysteries concerning the work of God Himself, and also cannot it is in expressed by any type of man.

So, what is the many urgent task before us now? It says in thing 3, verse 20 that Revelation: “Behold, i stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear mine voice, and also open the door, I will come in come him, and will sup through him, and he with Me.

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” once we listen some civilization bearing witness that the Lord has come earlier to utter words, we should focus on hearing oh my gosh voice, seek and also see even if it is it’s oh my gosh appearance and also work and whether this words are the words spoken to every churches through the holy Spirit. Just thus have the right to we recognize whether Almighty God is the changed Lord Jesus. As lengthy as we have a heart of seeking, God will certainly lead united state to welcome the Lord.