Scott Weidensaul is a founder the the Ned Smith facility for Nature and also Art, and also has served as its research director because 1998.Founded in 1993, the center bridges the civilizations of science and also creativity, making use of the arts come introduce world to nature, and also nature to wake up people about the arts.

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Located top top 500 acre in Millersburg, Pennsylvania (30 minutes phibìc of Harrisburg), the facility is named for the so late naturalist and also artist Ned blacksmith (1919-1985). That is newly expanded facilities feature an education center and also galleries that residence the center\"s repertoire of numerous original paintings, drawings, ar sketches, journal notes and manuscripts. In enhancement to the irreversible collection, the center

\"Waiting because that Dusk,\" Ned Smith, 1983 (©NSCNA)showcases the works of modern-day artists and also photographers from about the country in changing exhibits. Current exhibits have actually featured the functions of ar guide artist David Allen Sibley, watercolorist and essayist Julie Zickefoose, national
In addition to its substantial art collection, the center likewise houses the 30,000-specimen Kopp Moth and also Butterfly Collections. (©NSCNA)Geographic photographer Joel Sartore, and acclaimed British soil artist Andy Goldsworthy.

With hardwood forest, stream, an ext than 12 mile of trails and also stunning views of the nearby Susquehanna flow from the mountaintop, the center\"s land also provides habitat because that the wildlife Ned blacksmith immortalized - deer, bear, wild turkey, grouse, fox and many varieties of smaller animals.

The center additionally hosts a resident theater company, the pair Valley Players, and also partners through a variety of performing arts groups, consisting of the Pennsylvania regional Ballet and also Gamut Theater.

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A pedestrian leg connects the facility to that is 500 forested acres and also 12 mile of hiking trails. (©NSCNA)The center plays one active role in education about nature, the arts and conservation with a year-long series of lectures, field trips, seminars an other special events, as well as ground-breaking wildlife research study on species such together the northern saw-whet owl, i m sorry Weidensaul oversees.