James satellite on the couch, “Remember Playgirl” part one said. To anyone else, the would have been a question, but to James, it to be a command! below he was a brown haired, 40 year old lawyer, being told in significance that his grasp no much longer wanted him, however he knew that wasn’t true, sir was dead, fight by a truck, and his executor was reading his will, and He was surrounding by Sir’s family and I assumption: v now previous slaves prefer me.

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James was glad that he had actually been made to exercise by Sir, that now had actually a body builder’s body, the rivaled men half his age! guys in this room!

James took a moment to remember the first time the he met Sir, he was on his method to satisfy Cindy because that a date, once Jerry the fairy crashed right into him. James to be kind and said,“You acquired to watch where you’re going, not everyone is walking to reduced you any kind of slack!” …

When I got to the dorm, Jerry the fairy to be there, he had actually been an egghead that gained bumped increase to senior from student in the first year in my an elderly year, and while I had actually never talked through him, nor had actually an task or class together, ns knew the him, and now here he was my dorm-mate? ugh!

Jerry’s Pov:

Yeah, i have known about James because that a lengthy time, my sister Colleen, remained in his class because freshman year, yet James never knew that she to be alive,

I always heard how handsome, just how smart, how perfect the was! I got myself bumped increase to senior from student in the first year to shot to meet him, sorry because that me, I had nothing in typical with him,no activity, no class. You can thing that ns arranged to have actually him as my dorm-mate, right? Wrong, the thought never gone into my mind. Still, there we were roommates, he preserved out till every hours, and also would leave his next of the room a mess, also though that was civil to me, i was conveniently sure that that was just a facade!

James’s pov:

Jerry the fairy was taking Pre-Med, for this reason I started to hear him use a couple of of those 50 disagreement words, ANNOYING! Still, i am OK through him, many of the time he’s not there, or he’s asleep, i get free maid business out that him, and also that leaves an ext time because that me to party and also go out through girls, ns think I need to pick up Anne this day at 7:45pm.

Jerry’s Pov:

James seems different when he came residence today, much more jumpy -Irritated?-

for part reason, ns will have to ask him around it later tonight, cause I have to go to course right now. The mid-October, and James is talking in his sleep, he’s having actually a difficult time studying, he claims that that is just not obtaining his subjects. I should aid him, I’ve been looking front in my psych texts, and I have actually some script on inductions, and I to be planning to undertake do a multimedia presentation top top the effects of subliminals, might James be a an excellent candidate?

James’s pov:

The Fairy has actually been quiet lately, and also putting in a the majority of time in ~ the computer, ns wonder what he is doing, yet I yes, really can’t worry about him, I have actually to gain with this Colleen chic, we have actually a ‘study date’ in ~ 7, it is fifteen minutes from now, possibly if ns play my cards right, she deserve to “help” me v the test on Monday?

One week later on this Colleen chic speak me, the she is pregnant, ns tell her that due to the fact that the condom broke, I’d pay for the abortion…

Jerry’s Pov:

Man i knew that James was transforming out to it is in an ass, I just did not know how huge of one. It transforms out that James knocked up Colleen, he offered to pay because that the abortion, but Colleen was much too religious to accept that, nope, She to be angry, angry at herself, yet mostly in ~ James, ns told she that ns was working on a hypno presentation, and if it worked, it can be a an excellent revenge top top James to do him mine boyfriend. She agreed.

I satellite James under in prior of my computer system screen questioning him to aid test the end a new video game, based upon ‘Pinky and the Brain.’ i tell him that the machine wants feedback native real human being to assist improve ’Mouseman’s Revenge- shooting ‘em all.’

Under Mouseman’s my hypnotic subliminals were starting to have actually an effect, James was getting sleepier and also sleepier as my induction command him into a peaceful valley, he knew that there were gentle bird calls, and also peace rustlings of grasses, yet he was fully safe, totally secure, and listening only to the sound of mine voice. I cued him come raise his hand when he knew the he to be on the picnic blanket, and ready to obey anything i asked.

He increased his hand a few seconds later. Ns shut the computer off for the night, and also removed the headphones.

"James, as soon as you hear me, and also only me speak “Forget Playgirl,” you will automatically return come this state the relaxation, ns stated.

“Now, I want you when you prize James, to tell me the truth,the totality truth - omitting no connected detail, and also nothing however the truth, perform you understand?”

“Yes, Jerry.”

“How perform you really feel around me?”

“I dislike gay people, I would bash them if I believed that I could get away with it, and Jerry the eggheaded fairy is amongst the worst.”

“How space you law in school?” i asked.

"I feel like the cat in the hang in there posters, I just when i think

I understand one idea, I find ten more that ns don’t!"

“Could it be that you nothing have sufficient time come study? execute you no know just how to study?” ns asked.

“It’s possible, yet I study simply as lot as ns did in high school!”

“Let’s try this, James, together of today because I am front in mine studies, we will see if I can tutor you. If you know everything better after one week, then you will certainly let me entrance you again, but if you nothing I’ll go and also look for other housing?”

“Sure,” James said, thinking in the earlier of his mind the he had uncovered a loophole.

"When i count to three, you will certainly wake up, you will certainly not remember anything other than for ours bet… 1…2…2 and a half…3. You space awake.

James jumped up from the desk,“Is the the time? I have actually to fulfill with the wrestles coach, Coach Farr will have my ass!”

I permit James acquire through Thursday before I triggered him again “James i picked friend up some pornos, Hustler, Penthouse, and also Juggs. I hope that i didn’t Forget Playgirl,”

He got in a trance again.

“James, come tell me the truth,the totality truth - omitting no associated detail, and also nothing yet the truth, carry out you understand?”

“Yes, Jerry.”

“We had a bet this week, What to be it?”

“You tutor me. If i understand, then I will certainly let you enntrance gate me again, but if i don’t you will do it go and also look for other housing?”

“So why have you not pertained to me to be tutored?”

“No Tutor, no understand, friend go.”

I had to recognize that was really simple, very Machiavellian, and the kind of loophole the I had actually not expected.

“You know that we had an expertise that you had actually to it is in tutored, Right?”


“And You not seeing me is in violation the that, Right?”


“therefore together a result you’ve broken our contract and also need to be punished?”


“What will certainly your penalty be? ns know, together I to be the aggrieved party, i shall be your Master, My will certainly is her command, friend will view no cocks except mine and yours, you will check out no asses other than mine and yours, and also you will see no chest or cunts, they will certainly not be over there to rotate you on. Execute you understand?”

“No cunts no breast, only you and also you aloooone.”

“And what does that mean, Slave?”

“I deserve to only have sex with Master?”

“Very Good, you will only speak to me master in private, due to the fact that most people would not understand.”

“Got to defend them native themselves.”


“Won’t call ’em.”

When i count to 3 you will certainly be broad awake, understanding that you are my slave, and you can only have actually sex with Master. 1…2…3 large awake, boy.

James looked roughly the room, over there were rather a few hunks sitting around the room. …And come my girlfriend James, i leave my collection of ‘action figures,’ and a brown box, materials unknown.

I walk up to retrieve the box.

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“Hey, Poppa James, exactly how are girlfriend holding up?” request My son Calvin Ian.

Did grasp Jerry really simply make me grasp of his slaves? Did i really get a opportunity to be a an excellent father? James opened up the box to find a list of 25 names, and also phrases…