1. Surname Something you Shouldn’t have For having lunch Right prior to A driving Test(5 answers)

Alcohol(41 points)Beans(33 points)Onions(12 points)Garlic(11 points)Leaving Things(3 points)

2. Name A factor Why You might Skip Lunch.(5 answers)

Not Hungry(45 points)Too Busy(16 points)On A Diet(12 points)Work/Meeting(10 points)Feeling Sick(5 points)

3. Surname A reason You might Skip Lunch(5 answers)

Not Hungry(45 points)Too Busy(16 points)On A Diet(12 points)Work/Meeting(10 points)Sick(5 points)

4. Name A method You Might have the ability to Tell What who Just had actually For Lunch.(5 answers)

Breath(68 points)Burp(15 points)Stains(7 points)Crumbs ~ above Teeth(4 points)They Vomit(4 points)

5. Name Something You’d find In A college Lost-And-Found Box.(7 answers)

Jacket(33 points)Hat(22 points)Gloves(16 points)Lunch Box(7 points)Glasses(7 points)Book(6 points)Shoes(5 points)

6. Besides Eat, name Something A Person might Do On their Lunch Hour(7 answers)

Go because that A Walk(26 points)Exercise(29 points)Run Errands(14 points)Read(12 points)Nap(12 points)Pay Bills(5 points)Smoke(5 points)

7. Surname A form Of Fruit A Kid can Have In A lunch Bag.(3 answers)

Apple(71 points)Banana(20 points)Orange(7 points)

8. Surname Something A human Does during Lunch besides Eat(3 answers)

Go because that Walk Shopping Sleep 

9. Surname Something kids Forget once Leaving because that School(4 answers)

Homework Packed Lunch Dinner Money School Tie 

10. Surname Something You could Do for Mum On mothers Day(5 answers)

Flowers Breakfast Cook Dinner Take come Lunch 

11. Surname Something A wellness Nut Order having lunch Without(7 answers)

MeatMayonnaiseDressingCheeseFries/ ChipsButterDessert

12. Surname Something You could Find In A children Lunch box (Food Is no An Answer, Be an ext Specific)(7 answers)

SandwichFruitCookiesJuice BoxMilkCandy BarThermos

13. Surname a form of fruit a kid can have in his having lunch bag(4 answers)

AppleRaisinsDried BananaBanana

14. As well as a sandwich, name something a mom can pack into her child\"s lunchbox(6 answers)


15. Name something you could find in a kid\"s having lunch box(4 answers)


16. Surname a factor why a restaurant could not make a client pay because that his lunch(3 answers)

Bad ServiceBugsAwful Food


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Surname something girlfriend go external in your bathrobe to do(7 answers)


18. Surname a sort of lunchmeat that matches your mate\"s personality(4 answers)