Myles Standish to be born around 1593, and married increased _____ around 1618. They traveled with each other on, however she died in January that 1621.

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William Bradford spoke very of Myles and also a couple of other men who cared for the sick and also dying, creating that castle ". . . Pardon no pains, night nor day, yet with diversity of toil and also hazard of your own wellness ... Did every the homeley & important offices because that them, i beg your pardon dainty and also queazy stomachs can not endure to hear named".

Captain Myles Standish was an English army officer hired as advisor for the Plymouth Colony, and was command of the forces defending the Colony. He likewise served together treasurer because that the Colony.

Myles married Barbara _____ by 1624, and with her had 7 children. He relocated to Duxbury, Massachusetts and also died there in 1656.

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Barbara Standish

Myles Standish
Rose Standish
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