A board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist removes up the question of whether you can conceive after having your tube tied.

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Having her "tubes tied" (medically called a bilateral tubal ligation or BTL), is just one of the most reliable methods of birth control. A BTL is a operation procedure that cuts and separates a section of every fallopian tube. It can either be excellent at the moment of Cesarean section, quickly after a vaginal delivery, or laparoscopically in ~ a time remote from childbirth.

In state of staying clear of pregnancy, gaining your tubes bound is 99.9% effective. But it is not 100% effective. In fact, nothing is.... Other than abstinence.

In a small percentage of cases, regardless of the tubes gift severed, they can thrive together again throughout the process of healing and also a connection in between the two reduced ends of the fallopian tube have the right to reform. This can allow an egg and sperm come meet and a pregnancy to develop.

If a pregnant does take place after a tubal ligation, that is more likely to be an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that implants in the fallopian tube rather of in the uterus). If girlfriend have had your tube tied and also you are obtaining a confident urine pregnancy test at home, that is an extremely important the you check out your physician to first confirm that you are in fact pregnant, and second, come make certain you don't have actually an ectopic pregnancy.

So, although acquiring pregnant after having actually your tubes tied is very unlikely, it is possible. If friend feel like you may be pregnant post-procedure, the easiest thing to carry out is to take an over-the-counter home pregnancy test. The much more likely explanation is that your periods are changing, as many of ours perform after childbirth and as us age.

If your duration timing is off, it may likewise be that something else is walking on through your health, which can be affecting her body and also your menstrual cycle. Thyroid disease, for example, can cause fatigue, the atmosphere changes, load loss or load gain, and changes in a woman's expression cycle. If girlfriend aren't pregnant and also your symptom continue, i recommend having actually a consultation through your OBGYN.

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