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Several months earlier I obtained a tattoo with my an extremely best friend.

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She to be the perfect human to obtain this daring tattoo with. She to be the perfect person due to the fact that she to be my sisters in an extremely many things, however most importantly she to be my sister-in-mental-illness.

We had waited a few years to gain this tattoo because we needed to it is in ready. We necessary to be all set to share our journey, a component of ourselves we once hosted dear and also didn’t share v a most people. We essential to be ready to re-publishing our history without shame. We necessary to be all set to re-superstructure this part of our story with any kind of who would certainly ask.

Our tattoos say, “be st;ll.” The  symbol means so lot to me. It speak of a journey through and with bipolar.

The semicolon was motivated by the task Semicolon, a suicide avoidance project. If you’ve ever before been asked the question “Are you a harm to yourself or others?” you would recognize why The Project Semicolon needs come exist.

I’ve been asked that question several times and also my answer was constantly a rapid no—no, ns am no a injury to myself or others. Yet if I’m really honest and I destruction deep, i don’t recognize if that’s totally true.

Would i take my life? No. However did I want to disappear sometimes when the ache was also much? Yeah. Did I desire to sleep v all the anxiety and also anger and the confusion? did I want to crawl into my bed and also sleep and possibly never wake up? Yes.

I occasionally felt prefer I wanted to a erase myself a tiny bit. Just to erase myself in the components of the year when i was not totally present and also when ns was not completely myself, when the very worst part of me came forward. The inquiry is not as straightforward as friend think.

Project Semicolon was started to inspire human being to tell your story. every one of us deserve to take component in this. All of us can raise windy awareness and educate communities. The job believes the we deserve to equip every person with the ideal tools to confront the following day and also the next day and also the next.

It is a beautiful project that was first started by a woman called Amy who suffered native depression. She went on social media and asked anybody who endured with mental illness to draw a semicolon on their wrist and show it to the world. This recorded on fire. Everybody did and also eventually the turned right into a worldwide movement of tattoos. Ours is one of them.

My girlfriend was the perfect human to gain my tattoo with because she has been asked these inquiries too. She has had to destruction deep and also figure the end the answers because that herself. She is the form of person who I have the right to call and also I can text and also I deserve to tell my deep ugly fact to. She is the form of person who can send me messages that fill my heart and also make me desire to face all of the tomorrows.

She writes points like, “Remember in your anxiety that you room not alone. In your location of stillness lies a friend, a friend who is sad you endure but is thankful for her deep understanding.”

These kind of messages and also and activities like job Semicolon make all the difference. Knowing that girlfriend were no alone, learning that there space hundreds if not hundreds of people who suffer from the same thing, knowing that I have people who understand totally what ns go through way the civilization to me.

We decided the native “be still” for numerous reasons. We decided those words since it reminded united state to be still, take it a breath and think of just the reality instead the the lies that are telling united state we’re not good enough, that we space not OK and also that we shouldn’t be around.


Our tattoos say “be still” since we’re choosing to remain alive and be here still. we are picking to be completely present in the now, and taking it moment by moment. Us are picking to be right here still tomorrow and also for the future.

The semicolon is the perfect symbol because in literature it’s used to proceed the sentence. It’s provided as a means of speak my story is no over yet. There is one ending and it is just as important as the beginning. come me this is a beautiful thing because I recognize I have so lot to share. Ns know that in sharing I can reach who else and also show them the you can live v this illness and also you can thrive through the appropriate tools and also the appropriate support.

My tattoo reminds me the my previous does not dictate mine future.

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My tattoo reminds me that ns am quiet here. Ns am scarred, and sometimes scared, yet I to be still standing.My tattoo reminds me the the warrior I have become.My tattoo reminds me that Psalm 46:10: “Be still and also know that ns am God.”My tattoo reminds me that i am love by the many high God and there is a bigger plan for my life that I have the right to imagine.My tattoo reminds me to it is in here, to it is in still and also to be alive.My tattoo reminds me to store telling my story, come share my truth because by ensuring mine truth, others will certainly become conscious of these illnesses. Other world will become aware of the people about them who room suffering right now. It reminds me the there space others the end there who care and there are others the end there who feel similar to me.My tattoo reminds me that what is to come is equally as necessary as what has actually passed.