Tirek has taken over. The fate that Equestria rests top top the legendary sword, Excalibur. If only they might get the to stop rambling around his legend...

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Twilight placed the gold key right into the strangely shame gray stone, the town hall in curious amazement as the column of obviously immense power began to open. A smile flashed throughout her violet features. This box was your last line of defense against Tirek. All other attempts to combat him by pressure had already failed. This was package of legend, the central icon she and also her friends had been unknowingly working towards opening because that the previous season of your lives. The fate the Equestria, nay, the whole world, hinged on every little thing lay in the fantastical gem shaped object.

Her friends looked upon package with expressions verging top top desperation. Tirek was among the most an effective opponents in recent history. There is no the power of the Elements, their opportunities of success to be regrettably thin. Everything was within of the object had to be a weapon qualified of defeating an opponent imbued through the magic of most every pony in all of Equestria, including the alicorn Princesses. Needless to say, there weren"t too many items prefer that just laying approximately in dark, ominous caves.

As the box accepted Twilight"s offering, it started to glow softly with a regal gold light. Twilight gazed on the spectacle in awe together she started to trot progressively backwards. Her friends adhered to suit, offering the radiating box an ample lot of space. Yellow ribbons of beautiful light spread from the object and into the cavern as the box started to open.

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Twilight watched through a sparkle in her eyes together the powerful golden light to fill the cave. Because that a wondrous moment, only that heavenly light remained. Together the irradiate dimmed, she and her friend gazed upon the thing protruding native the newly opened box in utter amazement.

Its heroic framework reflected and intensified the heroic, gold light radiating indigenous its being. That is hilt to be forged indigenous reinforced gold, its take care of encrusted with valuable gems imbued with unknown power. It"s twin edged silvery tongue shone through blinding radiance, filling the souls the the six ponies through newfound courage and also heroism.

The blade that can tear through room itself to be lodged in a regal path in the currently open stone. Twilight gaped through her jaw inches from colliding v the floor. The sword merely radiated magical power of seemingly infinite power. If any kind of weapon had the capacity of defeating Tirek now, in Equestria"s darkest hour, this golden sword to be one.

Without any kind of real mode of communication, the knife addressed the team of dumbfounded ponies with a woman voice like a flowing river,

"Welcome. Welcome to my cave, young ones. Please forgive my belated salutations. Ns am the holy sword... Excalibur!"

Excalibur... The surname filled Twilight"s mind together she recovered information about the blade.

"Wait... You"re Excalibur? The knife that lugged Celestia to the throne? The knife that is said to bring the one who gets rid of it indigenous its rock untold glory and also power?"

Excalibur filled the caves with his heroic voice,

"One and the same, young one. Mine legend dates ago to the twelfth century-"

Twilight interrupted the legendary sword"s comment together she analyzed the blade through a large smile,

"Then friend can help us avoid Tirek! My name is Twilight Sparkle, and also the country of Equestria is in need of your-"

The sword all of sudden dissipated native the stone, materializing a couple of feet far from the surprised mares as a strange pale being v a quite exuberant white height hat. That vaguely resembled an awkward penguin, v a long, bent nose and also a squat body that just stood about at half the elevation of the gaping equines. In the stubby white hand, it hosted a white cane that was reasonably longer than its own frame. It gazed in ~ the team with unblinking black eyes together it interrupted Twilight"s inquiry by shoving the bent edge the his cane right into her muzzle,

"Fool! One must first take the time to think before rushing front blindly. I am the legend sword, Excalibur. There is no one that can match my power and also regality."

Twilight rubbed she slightly bruised nose with her hoof, looking at the weird creature with confusion noticeable in her eyes.

"Right. Together I to be saying, we need your aid to-"

"Fool! preeminence number 49, never interrupt Excalibur while that is informing his legend. Would certainly you prefer to hear it, young one? A harrowing tale of heroism and also sacrifice, of strong allies and also even more powerful enemies-"

"But our current case is fairly desperate-"

"-which dates back to the twelfth century? an extremely well, I will certainly tell you my tale. It all starts in the twelfth century, in the royal city the Canterlot..."

For a lengthy moment, the strange being well-known as Excalibur dropped strangely silent. Twilight prodded the creature v her hoof, nervous and rather impatient sweat beading on she muzzle. As she placed her hoof top top his nose, Excalibur batted the away with a flick that his cane,

"Fool! There are 1,000 provisions you very first must acknowledge prior to you become my Meister. We will begin with the most necessary rule, number 452, the mandatory five hour story telling party."

Twilight craned she head together she replied with her exasperation apparent in she voice,

"Before I end up being your what? friend aren"t making any sense-"

"My mornings begin with a cup that coffee with cream at the cafe. My afternoon starts with warm tea with two lumps that sugar. And also my evenings... In the night I change into my pajamas."

Rainbow Dash snapped as the critical strand of her patience slipped away, darting inches far from his confront as she spat words in ~ the sword of legend,

"We don"t have time to hear to her legend! The fate of all Equestria is in ~ stake!"

"Fools! There"s nothing better than a cup of natural tea in the morning. That"s why I begin each day v a cup the coffee and cream."

Rainbow Dash"s confront curled in utter confusion,

"But you simply said that-"

"Fool! my legend dates back to the twelfth century, friend see. My legend is quite old. The twelfth century to be a long time ago."

The cyan mare extended her face with she hoof in exacerbation as she replied,

"Yeah, i guess that was, yet listen! There"s a rampaging monster on the loosened as we speak, and you"re our just chance to loss it."

Excalibur pondered this statement because that a moment, stroking his long nose through his stubby hand in thought. Simply as the team of confused and tense equines began to unwind, the legend blade questioned,

"Where have actually you six come from?"

Twilight sighed in relief together she responded to the an initial halfway rational inquiry the being had yet to ask, replying,

"We have come on instead of of all of Equestria to stop Tirek-"

"I already knew that, give thanks to you very much."

"Then why did you ask-"

"What is her favorite odor of pie?"

The violet mare pondered the random question for a moment, lastly responding with,

"Strawberry rhubarb, currently please explain what you"re-"

"Fool! just how dare you pick one odor of pie over all others! all pies are equally delicious, particularly raspberry!"

Twilight grunted together she raised her tones,

"Listen, Excalibur! mine friends are in danger, and also we require your help to prevent Tirek"s rampage. We can hear about your legend later, right now we need to-"

"Silence! mine legend is so legend that it takes priority far over any other small squabble. It dates ago to the twelfth century, girlfriend know."

"But ponies room in severe danger-"

"Rule number 453, the mandatory story telling party is mandatory. If girlfriend truly great to become powerful Meisters capable of defeating any foe, climate you need to observe these rules. Castle are very important, girlfriend see."

"I don"t even know what a Meister is! We require to emphasis on the task at hand!"

Excalibur turned to face the tree containing the glowing Elements, his challenge still fairly featureless. After ~ a few moments, he spoke with his ago turned far from the deflated equines,

"Fools. Girlfriend don"t recognize the subtle genius of mine character. You still haven"t established what the is I"ve been to teach you all along."

Rarity increased an eyebrow in the direction of the strange white creature,

"That being?"

Excalibur turned to face the group of expectant ponies. Because that a lengthy second, the gazed ~ above them with heroic eyes. At last, he spoke with the voice worthy of a king,

"To amount up, the is what led to number 679 the the 1,000 provisions you need to observe. Constantly place a dehumidifier in your room."

The cavern fell silent.

At last, Twilight trotted forward, her expression hidden under her violet mane. Excalibur gestured to the mare v his cane, exclaiming,

"You are worthy! take the epic strength granted before you! Your enemies will come to be a footstool! your name will be echoed across the earth!"

In a speed of gold light, Excalibur transformed ago into the legend sword, placing self in the rock as Twilight thrived close. She stopped just inches from the hilt, her muzzle darkened under her mane.

"Become the ultimate Meister! This power I provide to you from the heroic sacrament in my heart."

Twilight inserted her hoof ~ above the golden hilt the the legend sword. A blinding white irradiate erupted indigenous the tongue of heroic power, bordering her gift in energy.

Angelic wings of light sprouted native the talented mare"s back, prolonging outwards to fill the entire cave. She friends extended their eyes to stop being blinded through the heroic radiation erupting from your lifelong friend.

"Together, we will end up being the can be fried legend!"

Twilight slid the sword ago into the stone, trotting away from him behind her friends there is no speaking a word.

Excalibur called out come the departing team of mares, inquiring,

"Wait! We deserve to skip rules 212 through 234! castle aren"t even that important... Comparatively. What around the legend?"

Without transforming around come reply, Twilight said to she friends,

"Equestria will certainly be much better off if we discover a weapon qualified of no being totally lame. Come on, girls. Probably that Grim Reaper"s child can help us."