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There is no doubt breastmilk is great for babies, but mums have the right to struggle through feeding because that a range of reasons and deserve come be supported in their decisions - particularly by your partner.

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Somebody needs to tell that to one woman"s husband that hid infant formula from his wife, leaving her no choice but the breastfeed she biting baby. 

Writing ~ above the subthread on Reddit "AITA" (Am ns the A—hole) the mum began the short article saying "my daughter, 10 month old has actually recently began biting during breastfeeding".

"When she starts come bite, I just tell her "no" and put her down immediately. I only started doing this recently due to the fact that my breasts type of look prefer a war zone- I"m bleeding and also sore due to the fact that of the biting and also simply cannot take it anymore" she continued.

The woman says she"s began using a breast pump instead, i m sorry she still find painful, therefore she supplies a mix the pumping and also formula to feed her daughter. According to the woman though, her husband doesn"t prefer this.

"He to be okay through me pumping and also feeding our daughter until I began supplementing with formula" she said. "He trust that breast milk is best and also formula is the devil due to the fact that it"s no "natural" or something. At this age, I"m offering her milk about 4-5 times a day, and still attempt to breastfeed as soon as or twice a day."

The woman continued saying "it reached the tipping allude yesterday as soon as he hid the formula therefore I"d have "no choice" but come breastfeed our daughter".

When she asked that why that did this, he responded saying "he just says he doesn"t think I"m no trying difficult enough".

"I quit simply due to the fact that she"s biting me," she mom said, saying her husband thinks "that a great mother wouldn"t stop doing what"s ideal for her child simply because she"s in pain."


Users on the popular website conveniently responded come the post, assuring her she to be NTA (Not the A—hole) and also they couldn"t think her husband had resorted to such strategies.

"Yes, breastfeeding have the right to be beneficial. However, as soon as I remained in childcare there was a speak we had when we offered advice come parents... "Fed is best"." the user wrote, proceeding the post.

"Do whatever you should make sure your infant is fed nevertheless of method (breast, pumping, formula). A fed infant is a healthy baby," they pointed out.


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Another user ugandan-news.commented saying his daughter was unable to breastfeed, but it did market him the opportunity to have the ability to feed her as well as his wife.

"My daughter had actually a really bad and also undiagnosed tongue tie in her an initial month. She can have passed away from malnutrition if I determined to hide the formula, because she just couldn"t latch onto breasts as easily," the ugandan-news.comment read.

"Mixed feeding was lovely, due to the fact that I acquired to participate in it as a man. Night feeds are among my many cherished memories".

Other users pointed out his behaviour to be abusive, and also he was gaslighting she by make the efforts to do her believe she is gift a poor mother.

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"Adopted youngsters all end the civilization grow up from formula from day one with ZERO issues," someone else pointed out.

"Just due to the fact that it is an option doesn"t average it requirements to be." 




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