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We got it together, didn't we?We've definitely got our thing together, don't we baby?Isn't the nice?I mean, really, once you yes, really sit and also think around it, isn't that really, really nice?I can quickly feel myself slipping an ext and much more waysThat super world of mine ownNobody yet youAnd meWe've gained it together, babyOhhhh ohhhhThe first, mine last, my everythingAnd the price toAll mine dreamsYou're my sun (sun)My moon (moon-oooon)My guiding starMy type of wonderfulThat's what you areI recognize there's onlyOnly one favor youThere's no wayThey could have do twoYou're you're all I'm life forYour love I'll store forevermore(You're the first)You're the first(My last)You're the lastMy everything
In youI foundSo countless thingsA love so new, just youCould bring(Can't you see it's you?)Can't you view it's you? (you, you)You do me feel this wayYou're choose a first morning dewOn a brand new dayI see so plenty of ways that ICan love friend 'tilThe day ns dieYou're mine realityYet I'm lost in a-a-a-a dream(You're the first)You're the first(You're the last)The lastMy everythingOoh oohOoh oohOoh oohOoh ooh
I recognize there's onlyOnly one favor youThere's no wayThey could have do twoGirl, you're my realityBut I'm shed in a-a-a-a dream(You're the first)You're the first(You're the last)You're the last(My everything)My everythingYou and me babeIt's youAnd meAnd you room the firstThe lastMy everything
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According come producer Jack Perry, this song concerned White indigenous songwriter/Barry White road manager Peter Sterling Radcliffe as a country-western song dubbed “You’re my First, my Last, mine In Between”. Many sources say that the original version had gone unrecorded for 21 years. Together Perry place it, White:

took the whole track, readjusted the totality track come the music she hearing now, and readjusted the lyrics around. The key line is rather of you’re my first, mine last, my in between, he changed it come you’re mine first, my last, my everything

As come why White would certainly be brought a country western song, Perry explains:

Barry was good at acquisition anything you carried to that and transforming it upside down and also making a hit out of it. Barry could take “Mary had a small Lamb” and also turn it into a hit. Serious. I’m very serious

The single version of the tune eliminates most of the intro and is slightly different lyrically.

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Can’t Get sufficient (1974)
Barry White
You’re the First, the Last, my Everything
Written By
Peter Sterling Radcliffe, Tony Sepe & Barry White
Engineered By
Frank Kejmar & Paul Elmore
Backing Vocals
Love Unlimited
Backing Band
The Love limitless Orchestra
Record Label
20th Century Fox Records
Arranged By
Gene web page & Barry White
Release Date
August 6, 1974
Sampled In
Positive role Model by Pet Shop Boys
Interpolated By
You’re the First, the Last, My whatever (7" Version) by Barry White
Cover By
You're the First, the Last, My every little thing by Howard Brown (Halifax commercial)

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