Jake Davis, P.J. Muir, Kaleigh Weiss and also Andrea Goodwin, every kindergartners from the Bethlehem Township institution District, would like to join the lacking Tooth Club! (Courtesy photo)

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My favorite toy when I to be younger were monster trucks. Ever since I was little, I offered to construct ramps and push them increase the ramp! One time i pushed among my monster trucks, and also it flipped and also fell apart! The top dropped off, and I was like, "Uh Oh." That happened with a the majority of the monster van after that. Jacob FelthamKingwood Township SchoolGrade 4

My favourite toy is a pink bear. It is mine favorite because I had actually it due to the fact that I to be born. I am never letting she go. Not also for a $100,000,000. Evie TaylorKingwood Township SchoolGrade 4

My favourite toy were my robots due to the fact that they could battle together and say words. Lance CasasClinton publicly SchoolGrade 2

My favorite toy is Elsa the stuffed doll. She has a beautiful blue dress through snowflakes on she cape. She looks therefore real favor the movie.Leana AngelesSpruce operation SchoolGrade 1

I have a race vehicle that my friend provided me. It's a black automobile with stripes that red, white and gray top top it. It's a push-back model. The doors of the vehicle open together the vehicle slows down. Ns feel happy when I view the gyeongju car; it's among my lucky charms. Sid SriramSpruce operation SchoolGrade 1


Twins Logan and also Declan Hale, likewise kindergartners indigenous the Bethlehem Township institution District, would prefer to come to be members of the esteemed absent Tooth Club as well! (Courtesy photo)

My favourite toy is mine legos. I like these due to the fact that I always build the collection and a couple of days later I obtain to rest it and also build other new. Nickolas BurinskyValley view SchoolGrade 4

My favourite toy is mine mini basketball hoop due to the fact that I deserve to play a lot of of gamings with it choose knock-out, horse and also a the majority of others. Dylan TatorisValley view SchoolGrade 4

My favorite toy is my ipad mini. I got it for Christmas this year. I love it since I love come play games on the a lot. The gamings I love are Crossy Road and Candy Crush and also Minions and also Flappy Bird. Mia LioneClinton publicly SchoolGrade 2

My favorite stuff pet is my tiny kitten. That is therefore cute. Ns sleep with it. It is really special because it help me patience down. Stuffed animals are really distinct to me. Ns play through it a lot. It is my favorite toy. As soon as I get upset, it calms me under a lot. It is my favorite toy. It has actually a bell roughly it. And also when you push on it, it says time to read a story and also I read a story to her. Amina SulimanClinton publicly SchoolGrade 2

My favorite toy to be my lamb. I supplied to bring it everywhere. The lamb is white. It is smelly. I offered to love this toy. Mine lamb is called Lammie. Zoey ZahorchakClinton windy SchoolGrade 2

My favorite stuffed animal is my blue nunu since it was my brother's and I cannot sleep there is no it. Josie HeddenClinton windy SchoolGrade 2

My favourite toy is mine family's Ipad due to the fact that I deserve to watch Netflix and play mine favorite games like huge Win Football and Basketball, web traffic Racer, Jetpack joy Ride, and Doodle Jump. The is why mine family's Ipad is my favorite toy. Dylan BergClinton publicly SchoolGrade 2

My favourite toy is my American Girl Doll, Elizabeth. I obtained her for Christmas in 2013. She looks choose me. She is special since I love her and also I care for her. Elizabeth is awesome. She is favor a real kid. She is my small girl. She loves me too. I likewise feed her and also dress her. She is just so cool. Alli KripetzClinton public SchoolGrade 2

My favourite toy is a wedding Barbie doll that I had actually when ns was little. The is unique to me because my mom had actually it once she was small then my sister had actually it and then I had actually it. The is also very special since my mom always played with it as soon as she was tiny and it never broke, not also a single hair fell off. Sometimes I think that is unbreakable. The is my favourite toy the I had actually when ns was little. Olivia PiscopoValley see SchoolGrade 4

My favorite toy when I to be young to be Teddy Kiss. She is a toy bear I acquired when ns was 1 month old. I've had her because that 10 year now. She is unique to me due to the fact that I acquired her in ~ my old house and also would hide her in my backpack and this reminds me of mine friends end there. I sleep next to her every night and also snuggle v her as soon as I'm noble which provides me feeling so lot better. Together you deserve to see this toy is more than friend think of that is my resource when I'm upset mad or ailing so that cares if friend laugh as long as I have this bear. I'm entirely fine v you act that. Emily RobbinsValley watch SchoolGrade 4

I have a ceiling from when I was simply a little baby. I called it Cuddles. It was pink, green, and also white. Ns loved the so much. I still have it today. Ns sleep with it every night. Mine grandma made it because that me once I was a small baby. Ns am walking to keep it forever. And I constantly used it come stay warmth when ns was a baby. Perform you have actually something distinct that friend still have today? ns do and also it is named Cuddles. Emma IbexHigh leg Elementary SchoolGrade 4

My favourite toy that ns still have is a bear that jingles so when I was 1 year old I named him jingle Bear or Jingle because that short. Solder Bear was provided to me when I was listed below 8 month old. I love the so lot that I have to sleep v him every night since he is an extremely snuggly. Solder Bear friends are Mr. Cuddles, who is around 6 foot and 4 inches and is an extremely fat and snuggly, so i sleep through him every the time. Sometimes I can't breathe as soon as I wake up due to the fact that he is on top of mine face! Jingle additionally has Eggbert as a friend, but he has gone missing, yet I remember he was little and cute! there is likewise Blanket Bear, I have actually been thinking around a surname for him and also found the Sandy Shores or Lighthouse is a an excellent match due to the fact that he reminds me the the ocean. He has actually no foot or stomach, just arms, head, and also a blanket that says "Cute together can" and there is a drawing of a punishment on the bottom the the sentence. Ceiling bear is cute and cuddly similar to the others except Eggbert, ceiling Bear, and also Mr. Cuddles room the unique ones of every the toys and also Jingle bear is the best and also favorite of all the toys! that is my favourite toy and also some the my favourite toy's different friends!Nora StashefskiValley view SchoolGrade 4

My favorite toy I had when i was younger was a tiny Yellow laboratory I got at Build-a-Bear. I named him Murdock, after mine dog. My dog remained in a blue bandana at the time, so when I was at the place, I put a blue bandana on the puppy. Its center name was Buppy, due to the fact that I to be 6 in ~ the time. I love him, and also still do.Emma EberleValley view SchoolGrade 4

My one-of-a-kind toy is this white panda. It to be my first toy ever, and I got it from my big sister, Jennifer. I loved his blue hat and also scarf. I would certainly play v him every day! Well, his name, honestly, i can't psychic his name! because that's just how long I've had actually him! No issue all the times I've moved and also all the locations I have been, I have actually never, and, will ever remove him!!Giuseppe ColumbroHigh leg Elementary SchoolGrade 4

Even though i am in 6th grade, ns still have a blanket that I have had because I was not also one year old. Ns love my ceiling so lot - I constantly use it, however I leave it at home when ns go come school. My blanket has Sesame Street characters all over it, for this reason it has a lot of colors. Also, occasionally I tho suck on my thumb, choose I offered to through my blanket. My ceiling is special because it is soft, and when ns am in a new place, I will certainly feel safe v it. The funny thing around my ceiling is the it provided to it is in sheets because that a bed, but then I preserved using it, and then i just obtained hooked on it, and I have actually loved it ever since. Also, once I to be a baby, the blanket was so lengthy (because it provided to be sheets), the it would drag on the ground, so mine mom reduced it in half. So now if I lose one half, then ns will have a backup. That is among my favorite toys that i still have now, and also why that is therefore special. What is your favorite toy that you have or had actually when you were younger?Kayla HellerMilford windy SchoolGrade 6

My favorite toy is Pokemon cards. I love looking at them through my friends. I have actually a the majority of Pokemon cards due to the fact that they were every my brother's and sister's! i am lucky since I have actually so many!Zach BarattaSpruce run SchoolKindergarten

A stuffed animal, Bear, because my Dad gave it come me for my birthday. Melissa GuerreroSpruce run SchoolGrade 1

My favourite toy is a Lego through Spongebob in a gyeongju car. It's special due to the fact that me and also my dad developed it together. It was Valentine's Day!! Zachary HesserSpruce run SchoolKindergarten

My special toy the I had when i was little and i still have is my stuffed teddy bear. The shade is white, it to be torn through the arm but my mommy sewed it. I had actually it favor 2 or 3 days after i was born. I was tho a tiny tiny baby. The is old. That does not have actually the other button eye because it come off. If you pertained to my house, and also into mine room, you would of watched it ideal on the side of my bed. The is my one-of-a-kind toy. Sara Qumar-EldeenHigh bridge Elementary SchoolGrade 4

I still have my favourite toy ns had due to the fact that the day i was born. The is a pink stuffed bunny that says on it: "Sweet dreams I love playing through it so I called it Bunny. Currently Bunny sits on mine bed and also I play through still ". I sleep v it every night and also and I will certainly Treasure that forever.Melissa OlsenHigh bridge Elementary SchoolGrade 4

Jingle be affected by each other is mine stuffed animal that i have had actually for a long time. I had actually her since I was 2 or 3. Ns love this bear and also I never want come let it walk at all. It is my favorite stuffed pet in the whole world. I save it on my bed. Phoenix PattonHigh leg Elementary SchoolGrade 4

My favorite toy is a cheetah called Brownie. Ns have had actually her due to the fact that I to be a baby. Ns feel safe about her since I remember the work I first got and also she aided me patience down. The funny point was that when I was a baby she was also bigger 보다 me. I always sleep with her due to the fact that she makes me think the she is the only one that knows me the best and I have the right to tell she every thing and won't feeling bad. That's my favourite toy. Sara HeinzeHigh leg Elementary SchoolGrade 4

The toy that I have actually from the past is mine gray stuffed animal dog that I have had because I to be 1 year old and I still have it. It still sit on mine guest bed in mine room. I named Gandalf, since of a actual dog the passed away once I was 3. Wilhelm JacobHigh bridge Elementary SchoolGrade 4

My favourite toy is my indoor basketball hoop. The hangs top top the wall. It has actually three basketballs, two genuine mini basketballs and 1 mini foam ball. It also has a mini hoop. Mine cousins have actually a similar one. Mine two large brothers and also I love come play through my mini basketball hoop. Lily RogersClinton public SchoolGrade 2

My favourite toy is Legos since they room fun. Some space really cool favor the spaceship native the Lego movie or the bad cop ship. It was really fun to build. Nathan GallawayClinton public SchoolGrade 2

My favourite toy is a Lego niugandan-news.coma set. It is a jungle one. It came v a environment-friendly staff and a yellow sword. It was special due to the fact that of the swords and also the trees. I gained it yesterday at Barnes and also Nobles. Christian CamachoClinton windy SchoolGrade 2

One of mine favorite playthings that I have now is mine Rhino Fire Nerf gun. The is so special due to the fact that very few kids have actually it, and also it's an awesome Nerf gun. It has 2 barrels, 2 mags, and also shoots barrel after barrelRyan ThompsonKingwood Township SchoolGrade 4

I have something that i had prior to I was even born. My aunt gained me a stuffed animal bunny. I had it constantly with me. When I want to carry it ~ above vacation, but my parents to be afraid that would gain ruined. Therefore they gained me a various bunny, but I would not take it it top top vacation. That did not have the exact same rattle within it. For this reason I had to sneak my an initial one. Luckily it did not obtain dirty. I hope I have this very an initial toy for as long as i live. Megan KusznierHigh leg Elementary SchoolGrade 4

My favourite toy is my airsoft guns. I obtain to go outside and shoot my brothers through them and also spray paint them and also target practice with them. That is my favorite toy ns will ever have. I choose them because they room fun to use on people and on various other things. If you have actually your friends end you can have a airsoft war and also play v your friends. Braydon AtlasValley see SchoolGrade 4

I still have actually a small soccer ball and what is so special since I got it top top my an initial birthday. It additionally takes ago many memories. Reid BuzbySpruce run SchoolGrade 1

I love my lamby. I have had my lamby for 7 years. It is white. It has pink inside of that ear. It has some kind of cold stuff inside of it. I cannot go to bed without it. I gained my lamby when I was one year old. As soon as I to be born I obtained it. It never ever before stays away. That is always at my side. I love mine lamby. Matty VolpeClinton public SchoolGrade 2

My favourite toy to be my McQueen car. What made the so distinct is that i really, yes, really loved McQueen indigenous Cars. Adam GalanoClinton windy SchoolGrade 2

My favourite stuffed pet is Hossey because he is as soft as have the right to be and he smells so great and ns can't sleep without him. Ben HermannClinton windy SchoolGrade 2

My toy that I had when i was younger to be a big version the bumble bee from transformers. The reason why is because my favourite show and cartoon movie to be the transformers. This is my favorite toy and also why it is. Daniel DelusantValley see SchoolGrade 4

My favorite toy as soon as I to be younger to be a stuffed dog ns made at Build-A-Bear workshop. I called it Max. Once I was tiny I never had actually a dog. So ns loved this stuffed dog therefore so therefore much. I now have actually a dog yet I quiet have and love the stuffed one. Maddie RuscherValley check out SchoolGrade 4

My favorite toy I have is my xbox. I play on it so it have to be taken into consideration a toy. I prefer it for this reason much because I have actually fun games to beat on it choose Minecraft and also MARVEL at sight heroes. Those room my favorite gamings on it. I choose my xbox a lot. Christopher SaamValley watch SchoolGrade 4

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