10 movies To watch If You chosen The Girl ~ above The Train this movies are simply as an excellent as The Girl on The Train.

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Fascinated by unreliable narrators, obsessive investigations, thrilling mysteries, and also suspenseful plot twists? climate The Girl ~ above The Train must have actually been best up your street. Because its relax in theatres, the Tate Taylor thriller has become a huge hit. Led by a strong performance native Emily Blunt, the film tricks the audience multiple times v its untrustworthy suggest of view and also clever turns, every leading us to a jaw-dropping finale.

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The adaption of Paula Hawkin’s bestseller begins with a basic and usual plot: something unusual happens to a watch perfect pair and it’s as much as the protagonist, recent divorcee Rachel, to uncover the truth. What unfolds together the investigation deepens is gripping come watch. Below are 10 an ext psychological thrillers to watch if you favor twists, turns, and also everything in between.

Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most prominent filmmakers of all time, is well-known for shocking audience his suspenseful thrillers, but it’s 1954’s Rear home window that resonates the many with The Girl on The Train. James Stewart, recognized for It’s a wonderful Life and Vertigo, dram the protagonist L.B. Jeffries, a well known photographer confined to his wheelchair after a catastrophic accident.

Just prefer Emily Blunt’s Rachel, he i do not care obsessed through his neighbors. With the lens the his camera, Jeff begins to doubt a murder has taken place. Hitchcock expertly builds up layers top top layers that suspense together the dark truth is slowly revealed. It’s fair to say Hitchcock essentially invented neighbor-spying thrillers, so would this really be a perform without him?

Ben Affleck and Rosamund jaw In unable to do Girl
as with The Girl on The Train, following a woman antihero in a complicated love story constantly leads come an attractive plot. In unable to do Girl, the antihero is Amy Dunne played brilliantly by Rosamund Pike. In yet an additional David Fincher masterpiece, Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck, wakes increase to discover his wife absent on their anniversary.

As the people searches because that answers, they revolve their attention to Nick – that becomes the prime suspect right from the an extremely beginning. V multiple plot twists, the film mirrors a marital relationship shattering to pieces as the an enig is unraveled. It’s a perfect instance of David Fincher’s incredible direction and also left audience questioning everything.

Amy Adams certification In Nocturnal Animals
Tom Ford, former fashion designer and also now turned director, is often defined as a filmmaker v empty and also overly stylish plots and also characters. With Nocturnal Animals, however, he chose to transfer that emptiness end to the life of well-off gallery owner Susan Morrow, played by Amy Adams.

The film adheres to two intertwining storylines, one i m sorry watches Susan together she reads a novel written by she ex-husband Tony Hastings, and the other shows us the novel chin – a story within a story. The tense, revenge-filled thriller raises plenty of questions and also is a viewing endure unlike most.

7 Shutter Island

US Marshall Teddy Daniels begins His investigation In Shutter Island
well-known for his gangster crime epics, boy name Scorsese released himself right into the psychological thriller genre through 2010’s Shutter Island. Starring Leonardo Di Caprio as us Marshal Teddy Daniels, that is sent out to a criminally insane hospital secluded in the center of the ocean.

After start his investigation into the loss of a patient, Teddy quickly realizes there is much more going ~ above there 보다 he initially suspected. The film gets quite messy and also complicated, yet Scorsese makes it every worth it v that final major plot twist. It’s another dark and doomy Scorsese-Di Caprio masterpiece that will certainly leave you full of surprises.

Nowadays, Christopher Nolan is recognized for his mind-bending Sci-Fi blockbuster’s, however one that his earlier feature films, before Inception and also Interstellar, was a hair-raising indie called Memento. Male Pierce portrays a male with anterograde amnesia, an i can not qualify to form new memories, searching for the killer that his wife.

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Using simply polaroid photographs and tattoos, the starts to kind a picture – but the picture isn’t all it seems. In typical Nolan fashion, the film has actually extremely facility timelines and twists, however unlike some current criticisms around his work, the key character is incredibly complicated and relatable. That a breath-taking movie yet remains one of his most underrated pictures.

5 Taxi Driver

one more disturbing martin Scorsese thriller ~ above the list, and also this time we’re talk 1976’s Taxi Driver. Complying with ex-veteran turn night-time taxi driver, Travis Bickle, who after meeting and stalking project worker Betsy, becomes increasingly obsessed with cleaning the rotten roadways of brand-new York.

Robert De Niro expertly theatre a male descending right into madness, while the gritty setting of new York in the 1970s adds come the unsettling events that progressively unfold. The film only gets deeper as soon as Travis’ true arrangement is revealed. The an great 114 minutes however one the sticks because that a while.

In 1968, one unknown serial killer, recognized as the Zodiac, took the stays of his first victims. What adhered to was a rise of murders, cryptic letters, and threats the shook the entirety of America.

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David Fincher’s true-crime epic tells the story with incredible accuracy and also a phenomenal cast, consisting of Robert Downey Jr, mark Ruffalo, and also more, producing an intense and also suspenseful viewing. Not just does it show the killing themselves, yet it also focuses ~ above the obsession the cartoonist Robert Graysmith, play by Jake Gyllenhaal, who eventually wrote the book that inspired the film. A need to watch.

3 Gone baby Gone

In the exact same year as Zodiac, Ben Affleck debuted as a director v his an enig thriller Gone baby Gone. certification his younger brother Casey Affleck, the web links to The Girl ~ above The Train space immense. Who goes missing, in this case, 4-year old Amanda, and the command decides to conduct their own comprehensive investigation.

Ending with a stunner plot twist, the movie started wonderful run as director because that Ben Affleck. Questionable choices and also revealing secrets make this Boston-based movie an enjoyable clock – yet with a ethical dilemma at its heart, a second viewing is almost essential.

another child goes absent movie unfolds in among Denis Villeneuve’s previously films. Prior to he ventured into sci-fi blockbusters like Arrival and Blade runner 2049, Denis confirmed us his tremendous direction with this dark an enig thriller Prisoners.

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The colorless settings and impressive performances indigenous Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paul Dano add to the eery setting created. Kidnapping movies commonly leave us through a feeling of resolve, Prisoners, however, does the opposite. The kick-started Denis’ career and definitely leaves viewers kicking the floor after the finale.

1 The Girl through The Dragon Tattoo

While no directly attached to The Girl top top The Train, both movies share similar premises: a absent woman and also a covered-up conspiracy. Command by David Fincher, this an enig stars Rooney Mara as computer system hacker Lisbeth Salander teaming up through Daniel Craig’s disgraced reporter Mikael Blomkvist to investigate a 40-year-old loss case.

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Full that twists, the film follows the two as they i found it a Chinatown-style cover-up, and, of course, autumn in love. Similar to Gone Girl, the movie proves exactly why Fincher is among the best directors functioning today. It’s just a shame this wasn’t turned into a David Fincher-verse as originally planned.