About She Couldn"t adjust Me

"She Couldn"t change Me" is a track written through Gary Nicholson and also Chris Knight and recorded by American country music duo Montgomery Gentry. It to be released in February 2001 together the first single indigenous the duo"s 2001 album carrying On. The tune peaked in ~ number 2 on the united state Billboard Hot country Songs chart and also at number 37 on the Billboard hot 100, making it among their highest-peaking crossover songs.

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Sometimes i think what turned she onWas my old broke down bootsShe wanted her a real cowboyIt was a step she was just going throughBut not one main after she relocated inI recorded her painting the bedroom blueBrought house a party of pink ChablisPoured out my ideal home brewI to be sitting ~ above the porch in mine overallsAs she packed her things to leaveShe changed her mind, once she couldn"t change meShe readjusted direction, headed out westChanged her track to part hip-hop messHer dark brown hair went to blondAnd her pretty blue eyes saw greenShe readjusted everything, once she couldn"t readjust meShe was sittin" next to the oceanLooking out at the wavesWatching just how they keep on rollingBut constantly seem the sameShe called and said she"d been reasoning aboutAll those quiet country nightsAnd everything she believed was for this reason wrong through meSuddenly appeared alrightI was sitting on the porch in mine overallsWhen she truck pulled right into viewShe claimed "I adjusted my mind, as soon as I couldn"t readjust you"She readjusted direction, headed back homeChanged her tune it"s all Haggard and JonesAnd her dark brown hair pulled backAnd the bluest eyes you"ve ever before seenShe adjusted her mind, as soon as she couldn"t adjust meShe adjusted direction, she"s ago in my armsShe thought it through, had actually a adjust of heartShe claimed "I guess as soon as you love someoneYou just gotta let the be"She changed her mind, once she couldn"t adjust meYeah, yeahShe adjusted it all as soon as she couldn"t adjust meShe couldn"t adjust me

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Montgomery Gentry Montgomery Gentry is one American nation music duo created of vocalists Eddie Montgomery and also Troy Gentry, both natives the Kentucky. The two began performing in the 1990s as component of two different bands through Montgomery"s brother, john Michael Montgomery. Although Gentry won a talent challenge in 1994, he reunited with Eddie Montgomery after Gentry to be unable to find a solo document deal, and Montgomery Gentry was started in 1999.

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The duo is known for its southern rock influences, and also has collaborated v Charlie Daniels, Toby Keith, five for Fighting and also members the The Allman brothers Band. More »