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If you love a homemade follow mix or snack mix climate this cooking recipes is because that you. This is just one of the finest homemade trace mix recipes ever, in my opinion!

This Monster follow Mix is full of salty peanuts, and cashews, sweet M&M’s and also peanut butter chips, semi-sweet cacao chips, and also raisins. It is the perfect combo that salty, sweet, crunchy, and also soft.

This is actually a copycat of the Archer ranches Monster Peanut Butter Mix you can uncover at Target. It is just one of our really favorite trace mix recipes.

But, at $4-$8 per bag i would fairly make it at home. Specifically when I currently have most of the ingredients in mine pantry. I usually have actually the raisins, peanuts, cashews, and chocolate chips. All I should buy to placed this with each other is a king dimension bag of M&M’s and also a bag the peanut butter chips.

Great children Snack

My youngsters love this Monster trace Mix. Of course, I need to make sure they are not just picking the M&M’s out and leaving the raisins behind!


However, ns don’t feeling so bad about them eating the M&M’s and peanut butter chips once they are blended with peanuts and also cashews.

Balance, people, balance!

This is also a great snack to make v your kids. I understand my kids love come measure, pour, and stir, and also that is every there is come this recipe.

Edible Gift because that the Holiday

This is a great gift to offer for any holiday. Simply mix in the current holiday M&M’s: pink and red for Valentines Day, black Orange and Purple because that Halloween, Red & environment-friendly for Christmas, Red, White, & Blue for fourth of July, etc…

Place the follow mix in a big mason jar and tie a small gift tag roughly the neck the the jar. A perfect and an easy gift.

How to make Monster trace Mix

To make Monster trace Mix every you need to do is stir with each other all the trail mix ingredient in a large bowl. Couldn’t be easier.

PeanutsCashewsM&M’sraisinspeanut butter chipschocolate chips

If you can measure, you deserve to make this snack.

I expect you offer this recipe for Monster trace Mix a try in her kitchen.

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Love- Susie

An simple homemade follow mix that makes a an excellent snack and is the perfect balance that sweet and also salty, and also crunchy and soft.
▢ 1 cup peanuts (unsalted or salted)▢ ½ cup cashews▢ ½ cup coco M&M’s, 3.14 oz king size bag ▢ ½ cup raisins▢ ½ cup peanut butter chips ▢ ½ cup chocolate chips, semi-sweet or milk chocolate

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