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This page has everything you need to know around Black Spiral Horn+ indigenous Monster Hunter people (MHW). If you desire to know where come find and also how to use this item, inspect out the information below!

Black Spiral Horn+ - an easy Information

NameTypeEffectBuy PriceSell Price
Black Spiral Horn+
Monster Material
Rare black color Diablos material. Derived by breaking its horns. Stout, supplied in countless weapons.

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List of every Items and also Materials

Black Spiral Horn+ - wherein to Find

High rank Monster Material

Breakable component RewardsMonsterObtain price (%)
Black DiablosHorn 65

High Rank search Rewards via Monster

Investigation Rewards (Silver)MonsterObtain price (%)
Black Diablos14
Investigation Rewards (Gold)MonsterObtain rate (%)
Black Diablos18

Quest Rewards via Quest

Main RewardQuestLocation/Monster
★7 RRRRRumble in the Waste!Wildspire Waste

If you"ve found any locations whereby Black Spiral Horn+ is available, be sure to permit us recognize in the comments!

Black Spiral Horn+ - exactly how to Use

Item Upgrades

Weapon update Paths
Axe the Demons(3x)Axe the Thanatos(1x)
Cera Coilbender(3x)Diablos Clubs II(3x)
Diablos Shatterer II(3x)Diablos Tyrannis II(3x)
Galebender(1x)Griffon Blazooka(3x)
Nero"s Blazooka(1x)Tyrannis Glaive II(3x)

Weapon varieties and perform of Weapons

Equipment upgrade Paths
Diablos Nero Greaves Alpha(1x)Diablos Nero Greaves Beta(1x)
Diablos Nero Helm Alpha(1x)Diablos Nero Helm Beta(1x)
Diablos Nero mail Alpha(1x)Diablos Nero letter Beta(1x)

List the Armor and Armor Skills

Charm upgrade Paths
Bulwark Charm(2x)Fury Charm I(1x)
Stun Charm III(3x)

List that Charms

Palico weapons & Armor upgrade Paths

No upgrades available.

Palico Equipment

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Rarity 4Rarity 5Rarity 6
Rarity 7Rarity 8Rarity 9
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List of products by Type

Material Type
Account Items
Monster Parts
Endemic Life

List of items by Type

Item Type
Slinger Ammo
Ammo and also Phials
Trade-in Items
Traps and also Bombs
Coins and Tickets
Armor SpheresFeystones


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Black Spiral Horn+ - where to Find and also How to Use

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