P.I.C. Middle eastern provides financial consultancy solutions to worldwide investors and expatriates in the middle East. We sell tailored and also trusted gaue won advice to people based in the region, with created offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, permitting us to integrate our understanding of the local setting with our field of expertise in worldwide financial consultancy services. P.I.C. Middle eastern can help you grow, protect and also generate capital, whether you\"re a skilled investor or simply an expat looking to secure the riches of your family. Our operations are lugged out on a case-by-case communication by our industry-certified network of worldwide financial advisers, permitting us to take each client's goals and expectations into consideration when charting our financial plans and also delivering the professional financial advisory solutions we room renowned for almost everywhere the world. P.I.C. Is affiliated through the deVere Group, the world's top independent worldwide financial consultancy group. The agency has more than $10 exchange rate of accumulation under management and management, and over 80,000 clients everywhere the world.

Message native the CEO

Welcome to P.I.C. Center East\"s brand-new website, which is currently aligned v deVere\"s corporate image. As we proceed to address our clients\" needs, we occurred a site which contains updated features and also information which will aid you with your investments.

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While P.I.C. Is affiliated to the largest independent worldwide financial consultancy group, the is important to united state that our client think we\"re the best. We\"ll definitely keep striving for that.

Mr. Nigel Green Chief executive, management Officer

Why PIC middle East?

even if it is you room an expatriate life in Abu Dhabi or Dubai or even if it is you room an global investor, PIC Middle eastern is right here to sell you the an extremely best financial consultancy solutions to safeguard your financial needs, as well as those of your loved ones.

with over 80,000 clients an international and in overfill of $10 billion funds under our administration and management, we below at PIC Middle eastern can market you sound, trusted and, perhaps many importantly, proven financial solutions for both your present and future jae won planning.

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Our developed offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai do it straightforward for us to aid you produce a tailor-made setup for any issues connected to education and learning fees, life insurance, pension planning and many more.

If you\"d like to understand better what structured products we have the right to offer you, please execute not hesitate come speak come a PIC Middle eastern financial torture today!

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