A dealer states “These high top quality clay skulls space a representation of the classic sugar skulls, i beg your pardon are part of the Dia de los Muertos (Day that the Dead) mexico Holiday. They space made of clay and also hand painted through the indigenous civilization in Mexico. These are truly unique clay skulls and they do a good addition to any type of collection.”

They are an ext often made of paper mache and also can it is in worn as masks. The celebration event of day of the Dead is exercised by many Mexicans. Millions room made every year and also they are constantly artistic, whether finish skulls or masks. In our classification called assorted we display a variety of art masks from other nations which room neither traditional nor ethnographic choose the mexican skulls are.

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Should ns categorize this article under “Mexican” or “miscellaneous (art)?” I’m no sure. Expect you reap the occasional weird masks ns blog.

ByBob Ibold
Noh mask indigenous Japan
3 Guro antelope masks from West Africa

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Mask worth CodeA - high value*B - collectible*C - decorative artD - low value* A and B execute not always imply higher dollar value. Most masks obtain a C or D, yet we normally don"t post them.

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