Looking for some creative mermaid composing prompts? We acquired 12 amazing mermaid story prompts about those beautiful, yet deadly mythical creatures of the sea. The an innovative writing prompts in this short article cover a selection of mermaid story ideas, native mermaid groups at war to story of protecting the ocean, and even scary, horror-inspired mermaid prompts. 

Pick a random idea or combine a pair of ideas to produce the ultimate mermaid-inspired tale. You can even use this cute mermaid surname generator for an ext inspiration. 

12 Mermaid writing Prompts

Whether you’re in search of some illustration inspiration for the Mermay drawing challenge or just want to write about mermaids, this mermaid writing concepts are a great place to start:

Two mermaid clans space at war, the Stingray coast Crusaders and the an enig Shark Warriors. That will success the battle? continue this story.Describe a an enig underwater mermaid city in great detail. You can even draw a picture of this city.Tired of living underwater, one mermaid heads above water come live with the humans. What will she find out on she journey?Every year the mermaids get in the annual dolphin gyeongju competition, where the more quickly dolphin wins an can be fried prize. What could the prize it is in this year? proceed this story.Write a fairytale around a beautiful mermaid who turns into a vicious great white shark as soon as the complete moon filters through the deep waters. Scientists have discovered signs the mermaids life in the Atlantic ocean. They room using all their technology and equipments to record these mermaids. Harming every sea life in the process. As the leader the the biggest mermaid clan in the ocean, you have to discover a way to store your clan for sure from the scientists. Proceed this storyWrite a story around a team of mermaids who have committed their stays to conserving sea animals who have been hurt due to oil spills and also water pollution.You lived your totality life gift afraid that the water – Never discovering to swim. Climate one day, as a terrible prank some school bullies kidnap you. They throw you in the sea, leaving you to drown. At this minute you discover that you are a mermaid. Proceed this story.The mermaid population has drastically dropped early to worldwide warming. Your household is the critical of the merpeople (or mermaid) species. How deserve to you prevent the mermaid types from walk extinct?There room many species of mermaids out there, such together river mermaids, sea mermaids, swamp members and lake mermaids, explain each kind of mermaid in great detail. Think about their appearance, your likes, dislikes and also daily routine. You can even draw a snapshot for each type of mermaid. Write a story about a little pixie mermaid who causes havoc and also mayhem where she goes. 

Did this 12 mermaid composing prompts inspire you to compose your very own mermaid tale? Let us in the comment below!


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