an ancient Greek city located in the western part of what is now modern Turkey; together the funding of Lydia it was the cultural center that Asia Minor; destroyed by Tamerlane in 1402

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the old capital of Lydia in western Asia Minor

Etymology: native Σάρδεις.

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Sardis or Sardes was an old city at the location of modern-day Sart in Turkey"s Manisa Province. Sardis to be the funding of the old kingdom the Lydia, one of the necessary cities that the Persian Empire, the seat of a proconsul under the roman inn Empire, and the metropolis that the province Lydia in later on Roman and Byzantine times. As among the 7 churches the Asia, it to be addressed by the writer of the publication of Revelation in terms which it seems ~ to indicate that its populace was notoriously soft and fainthearted. Its prestige was due, an initial to its army strength, secondly come its instance on critical highway top from the inner to the Aegean coast, and also thirdly to its commanding the wide and abundant plain of the Hermus.

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capital of ancient Lydia, in Asia Minor, in ~ the foot of mountain Tmolus, commemorated for that wealth, that trade, and luxury, v the market-place of i beg your pardon the river Pactolus flowed through its sands that gold.

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Anciently the resources of Lydia, in Asia Minor, stood at the foot of mountain Tmolus, now called Bozdag, about 50 mile northeast native Smyrna; the citadel top top a steep absent was almost impregnable, being strengthened by three walls. It to be thus permitted to host out when the reduced town was taken through the Cimmerians in the regime of Ardys. Throughout the Ionian revolt, 501 B.C., the insurgents, aided through the Athenians, took the city. It to be taken through the Turks in the 11th century, and suffered a significant blow indigenous Tamerlane, who practically entirely destroyed it about 200 years later.


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