Everyone has their own idea the what is beautiful. To us beauty have the right to mean countless different things. The magazines specify it together tall, slim women and also muscle men. We have likewise been told the beauty is just skin deep, that you shouldn’t simply judge human being by your physical appearance, yet to the Maya human being a certain appearance was a thing of good pride. The Maya go to good extremes to accomplish this best of beauty, beauty too!

We currently think the is such an initiative to be taken into consideration beautiful; ladies buy makeup, creams, colour your hair, purchase the recent fashionable clothes, shoes and also bags, males go to the gym, some usage creams, and keep up through the apparel fashions. It have the right to be hard work, but imagine living in a time where making yourself beautiful started the minute you to be born, imagine if her body was transformed to make you more beautiful without your consent.

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The Maya to be a smaller sized race of people with dark skin, dark eyes and also straight black color hair, however to lock what was considered physically beautiful was no the means they to be born, however a long sloping forehead and slightly crossed-eyes.

It didn’t matter what social course you were were in – the Priests and also warriors, merchants and also artisans, loaders, bricklayers, woodcutters, peasants, and also slaves alike all preferred this kind of beauty.

The Mayas prized a lengthy sloping forehead. The is believed that this is because it resembled an ear the corn – not just the staple of your diets, but they thought that it was from the corn that all human beings were created. The corn god self (Yum Kaax) was depicted with one elongated head v a husk attached to it.

To achieve the sleek straight elegant look that the Maya admired, it had actually to start once their babies were born. Yes, really you had actually no to speak in the look in ~ all.


The Maya would bind the child infant’s head in between two plank for number of days. The child was bound on a board and then another board to be attached at an angle. This then gradually increased the push on the baby’s head creating a deep sloped forehead. It was typical for a son to die from this process, but as the sloped head was thought about extremely attractive, the parental ignored the risk and deformation continued. Whilst that was very dangerous practice, it has been uncovered that it had actually no result on the knowledge of the child, as the mind has a great deal of plasticity in infancy and was able to accommodate chin to the new shape.

The Mayas additionally held slightly crossed-eyes in high esteem. Personally from transforming the actual shape of your children’s heads, the Maya parents likewise attempted to induce this condition.

They would do this by hanging a piece of thread in between the infant’s eyes through a rock or round of resin attached that led to their eye to emphasis on it, at some point causing the eyes to turn inwards.

This is still exercised today through the Maya of today still considering crossed-eyes to it is in physically beautiful.


The Maya also believe pointy teeth to it is in attractive. They all filed your teeth, especially the women – and as researchers are not certain if any kind of anesthetic was used, it seems to be one more painful procedure all in the name of beauty. The this were one of two people filed come a allude or in a T-shape. The this were likewise inlaid with tiny round plaques the pyrite, jade or obsidian, comparable to civilization of today having gold teeth.

To complement their sloped heads, slightly crossed-eyes and pointy teeth, their nose, ear or lips were pierced to additionally accommodate jewellry make from jade, steel and wood, but only that which to be not provided as a sacrifice to your gods.

The males additionally tattooed your bodies through ink and scars.

It doesn’t seem together though as lot attention to be paid to clothes, the Mayan’s wore very small clothing and also it wasn’t taken into consideration a large part of their appearance. Headdresses were thought about much an ext important. They to be worn because that ceremonies and also special events. The leaders to be the just ones that wore the headdress every day, Whilst headdresses varied from region to region, in every location the enlarge the headdress the more important friend were.

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It seems as though throughout time, awareness of beauty deserve to be quite different, and sometimes achieving what culture can deem to it is in beautiful have the right to be fairly a ache process! If girlfriend look in ~ what the Maya world considered to be beautiful, then i guess the true what lock say, beauty is absolutely in the eye the the beholder.