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While there are currently some awesome armor designs to be found throughout Skyrim, there simply aren’t that many in the grand plan of things.

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Which deserve to lead come something that isn’t the most immersive experience…

So as soon as you’ve donned your last collection of Dragon range armor and also are starting to feel a little tired that the basic selection, rest assured that it doesn’t need to be this way.

We’ve placed together some of the coolest, most distinct light armor mods because that Skyrim, all organized below. Check them the end to kick points up a notch prior to diving earlier into Tamriel!

10. Hunter Archer Armor


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Of every the awesome light armor the Skyrim needs to offer in the vanilla game, there simply isn’t something you deserve to really qualify together “Archer” Armor.

Sometimes you just want to channel your inner Legolas, you know?

Featuring a an easy rough-hewn brown tunic with a leather-bound chainmail cuirass peering the end from in ~ the sleeves, this mod helps girlfriend look, and feel, like the ideal hunter you deserve to be.The herbal look the this armor yes, really seems like it belonging in the civilization of Skyrim. And it can really include to the immersion of play as a Sneak/Archery based character.

9. Master of death – increase of the Brotherhood


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While the Dark Brotherhood’s initial armor(Shrouded Armor) is generally thought about to be among the ideal early-game armor sets, that is not well-known for gift visually appeal to the basic fanbase.

There are tons of mods the attempt to resolve this. But not many hit the note like the masters of death – increase of the Brotherhood.

Boasting a craftable, upgradeable, and lootable new light armor set, hail Sithis and also honor the Night mother in style!

This collection features a customizable colored hood, scaled leather plates, and an intricately detailed leather cuirass. No an ext looking favor a gothic jester!

8. Armonizer


Check the end This Mod

One of the best complaints about Skyrim is the absence of range in light armor, at least visually.

This mode attempts to settle that by including quite a few fantastical-looking sets to uncover while adventuring throughout Skyrim

This attributes exotic class sets prefer the woodland Archer, Dark Alchemist, or eye Bear.

Whether you great to it is in adorned in the best furs stripped from substantial beasts, or enshrouded in black color leather finery, Armonizer is absolutely precious a clues on your download list.

7. Archmage Khadgar


Check the end This Mod

Whether you’re acquainted with the personality or not, this mode poses a straightforward question:

Do you want to look like an absolutely badass Battlemage?

Do you reap wearing very detailed and intricately-designed set of armor together you adventure throughout the land?

And many importantly: carry out you love hoods as lot as i do?

If friend answered yes to any type of of these questions, 보다 you can want to provide this mod a try.

With a black hood and layers that scale-mail shrouded in darkened pieces of cloth and also fine leather, you wouldn’t look out of place swinging a fight axe or conjuring one Atronach. Offer it a shoot today!

6. Tribunal Robes and Masks


Check the end This Mod

If you’ve played Morrowind before, you may recognize few of these robes and masks.

After all, they were few of the most colorful, unique, and detailed set of irradiate armor easily accessible at the time.

Now you can live the end your Tribunal Councilor dreams in Skyrim!

Featuring multiple to adjust in this mod, you’re sure to discover something that will certainly make your next journey even more unforgettable. Plus, you get a spooky mask.

Who no love a spooky mask?

5. Netch leather Armor


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The alien looking, Salvador Dali-esque Netches of Vvardenfell were sorely to let go in both Oblivion and also Skyrim.

The consists of Netches in the Dragonborn DLC only led to a new disappointment:

The Netch leather Armor obtained from the beasts to be nowhere to it is in found!

This mod fixes the problem and adds an great rendition that the initial outfit special layered Netch leather wrapped in rough-hewn, tan cloth, and hard-edged pauldrons.

Now you have the right to look (and feel) favor you just escaped the apocalyptic Red Mountain.

4. Opulent Outfits


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Full the versatility and customization, Opulent Outfits is a wonderful mod the adds accurate dozens of various mages robes and also other Magic-themed light armor sets.

And every one of them have fully customizable colors, accessories, and also detailing options.

Fully upgradeable and also scalable come level, Opulent Outfits is important a game-changer for any type of Mages the end there. The adds a whole brand-new level the immersion.

3. DCR King Crusader


Check the end This Mod

Bathed in shadows and also wrapped in thorns is the general theme of this mod.

Including multiple sets of Gothic-Medieval motivated armor the wouldn’t look too out of location in a Witcher game or lord of the rings film, DCR King Crusader to add a particular stylistic smell that simply isn’t discovered in the base version of Skyrim;

Skulking v the Pale, feather terrifyingly favor Sauron sounds fun, right? You recognize it does!

2. Psijic Robes


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The robes of a member of the Psijic Order, tasked through protecting Tamriel from those that would abuse or manipulate magic malevolently.

Originally watched by a member of the Order during the college of Winterhold questline, this redesigned robes look incredible.

They function a gold and also tan colored main body, v cascading crimson pauldrons and also a moonstone belt.

Now you can finally enjoy wearing this legendary set of robes.

1. Warmonger Armory


Check the end This Mod

Truly an armory here, as this mod features dozens of fully-upgradeable and also customizable to adjust of light armor v some quite awesome course themes.

And through exotic designs favor Shadow Warlock, Sand Assassin, Telvanni Battlemage, Nordic Bard, or Pathfinder themes, what’s not to love?

Plus on height of the added light armor sets, this mod additionally adds the capacity to equip Dragon-Priest Masks together a belt-worn accessory.

The slim breadth and also versatility the this mode blows me far every time i fire up Skyrim and try to make a new character.

In a land whereby you can become anyone, that’s never ever a negative thing.

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