about Got to give It up

"Got to give It Up" is a track by American music artist Marvin Gaye. Created by the singer and also produced by arts Stewart together a an answer to a inquiry from Gaye"s record label the he perform disco music, it to be released in march of 1977. ~ above its release, it topped three various Billboard charts and additionally became a global success. Gaye occasionally used the track to open up up his live concert shows. The song has actually been extended by number of acts.

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I offered to go out to partiesAnd stand around"Cause ns was too nervousTo really obtain downBut my human body yearned to be freeI obtained up top top the floor and foundSomeone to choose meNo an ext standin" along the side wallsNow I"ve gained myself together, babyAnd I"m havin" a ballLong together you prove itThere"s always a chanceSomebody watchesMight wanna do romanceMove her body, ooo baby, friend dance all nightTo the groove and also feel every rightEverybody"s groovin" on like a foolBut if you view me, top down, permit me inBaby simply party high and also lowLet me step into your erotic zoneMove that upTurn that "roundOoo shake it downOwwwwYou deserve to love me once you want to babeThis is together a groovy party babyWe"re here challenge to faceEverybody"s swingin"This is such a groovy placeAll the young ladies are so fine!You"re movin her body simple with no doubtsI understand what friend thinkin" babyYou wanna revolve me exit I"m gonna allow you do it babeKeep top top dancin"Got to give it upKeep ~ above dancin"Got to provide it upKeep top top dancin"Got to offer it upKeep top top dancin"Got to provide it upKeep top top dancin"Got to give it upKeep on dancin"You gained to gain itGot to give it upKeep on dancin"Got to offer it up

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Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye (April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984), born Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr., to be an American singer-songwriter and also musician whose career spanned an ext than 2 decades. Born and also raised in Washington, D.C., he to be the kid of a storefront minister that a regional Pentecostal church sect and grew up singing gospel in church revivals together a young child.

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Gaye branched out into secular music together a teenager, involvement the doo-wop group The Marquees, after returning from an honorable discharge from the United says Air Force, prior to the team was hired by Harvey Fuqua to it is in Harvey & The Moonglows. Following the band"s separation in 1960, Gaye started working together a conference drummer for the Detroit music label, Anna, before signing with Motown records in 1961, adding an "e" come his s… more »