Martial PowersMartial powers fall into 2 categories:* Stances* Maneuvers (which include boosts, counters, and strikes).A martial maneuver is a discrete especially or supernatural result that is temporary expended after ~ use. A view is never expended and also is always availible to you.You have the right to use a stance or exercise as countless times together you prefer in a single day, however each time you use a maneuver, you temporarily expend it--you lost a tiny of your mental focus, exhaust part small part of an individual ki or energy, or girlfriend simply finish the relocate out the position and also can"t immediate launch it again without assuming the proper posture and also mental state first. In other words, friend can"t use an expended maneuver again till you you rest for a brief time or carry out a specific action in combat that enables you to recoup maneuvers. The kind of action necessary depends on what type of martial adept girlfriend are.Readying ManeuversYou don"t must ready stances front of time as known stances as always availible come you. However, maneuvers call for preparation in a technique defined by your martial adept class.

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The variety of maneuvers you deserve to ready at one time depends on her class and also level. If you have actually no level in a martial adept course (if you learned a maneuber by acquisition the Martial examine feat), you deserve to ready each maneuver friend know. If you space a martial adept and also you have the Martial research feat, you don"t gain any type of bonus to your capacity to all set maneuvers--the maneuver girlfriend learned v the feat is just one more maneuver girlfriend can pick to all set from your availible slots.If you advance in a prestige course that grants extr maneuvers, that course detals just how many more you can ready. These extra maneuvers readied include to her maximum number readied, regardless of martial adept class or the variety of times you"ve bring away the Martial study feat.It"s possible for a personality to gain Martial Study before entering a course that grants a development for strength readied. In this case, use the class" variety of maneuvers readied. Include any modifiers native prestige classes to the class" variety of maneuvers readied.Readying maneuvers requires a brief duration of activity dependent upon her martial adept class. Nevertheless of the class, this activity takes 5 minute of preparation time. Unlike a wizard preparing spells, girlfriend can"t pick to leaving a readied maneuver slot unfilled.Initiating Maneuvers and StancesAll maneuvers have an "initiation action" i m sorry is the same thing as spreading time because that spells.Stances constantly take a swift action to initiate. A stanc continues to be in effect indefinitely and also isn"t expended. You gain the advantage your stance confers until you opportunity to an additional stance you recognize or a condition occurs that breaks the view (such as moving much more than 5 feet with particular Stone Dragon stances). You can remain in a stance exterior of combat situations.ConcentrationUnlike spells and also psionics, maneuvers/stances don"t require concentration. Furthermore, if you"re hurt or impact by hostile spells, powers, or maneuvers if initiating a maneuver/stance, you don"t lose it in the process.If you initiate a maneuver and a instance arises whereby it can"t it is in used, that is quiet expended.You don"t provoke AoOs as soon as initiating a practice or stance uneven the summary explicitly states otherwise. Uneven a maneuver description specifically says that actions choose moving, charging, or taking various other actions don"t provoke AoOs, lock do. For example, if making use of a practice to fee a foe, and during the charge you move in a way that provokes Aoos, girlfriend provoke castle as typical unless the maneuver summary explicitly claims otherwise.Initiator LevelLike spells, some maneuvers" impacts are bound to her initiator level (but no as strong or as typical as spellcasting does).If you"re a solitary class character, her initiator level equates to your level in the class that provides access to martial maneuvers (crusader, swordsage, or warblade). If friend lack any type of martial adept levels, her initiator level is same to 1/2 your character level.* Multiclass charactersEven when you obtain levels in a class that doesn"t approve martial maneuvers, your understanding of the martial techniques still increases. A highly skilled fighter has the simple combat training and experience essential to master progressed maneuvers. If you"re a multiclass martial adept, and lear a new maneuver through attaining a new level in a martial adept class, recognize your initiator level bya dding with each other your level in that class + 1/2 your levels in all various other classes to identify the highest level maneuvers you can take. You must still fulfill a maneuver"s prerequisite to discover it.This process applies to every one of a character"s levels whether they space in martial adept classes or other classes.Prestige classes occupational a little differently. In many cases, you add the complete prestige course level her martial adept level to determine initiator level.Selecting Martial ManeuversMuch choose spells, martial maneuvers are arranged by level. Higher-level maneuvers are much more powerful than lower-level ones. As you obtain levels, you have the choice to choose higher-level maneuvers. Her level in a martial adept class determines the highest-level maneuvers you have the right to select. Because that example, a fifth level warblade can pick maneuvers of up to third level.Highest-Level Maneuvers KnownInitiator Level-----Maneuver Level1st-2nd-----1st3rd-4th-----2nd5th-6th-----3rd7th-8th-----4th9th-10th-----5th11th-12th-----6th13th-14th-----7th15th-16th-----8th17th+-----9thResolving a maneuver or StanceOnce you"ve chosen a maneuver to initiate, you should resolve that is effects.The Martial Lore ability (a class skill because that all three martial adept classes) is basically the very same as Spellcraft or Psicraft but pertinent come martial powers. Chiefly it is supplied for identify martial maneuvers or stances, and also in developing new maneuvers (in a system very comparable to researching a brand-new spell, however without spending monetary resources to perform so).Martial technique FeatsDesert FirePrereqs: One Desert Wind strike.Benefit: If you move at least 10 feet far from your initial position before using a Desert Wind win in the same round, the strike deals an extra 1d6 damage. Desert Wind DodgePrereqs: Dex 13, one Desert Wind maneuverBenefit: If you move at the very least 10 feet far from your original position, you get a +1 dodge bonus to AC and also deal +1 fire damages with any attack friend make with a desired weapon from the Desert Wind discipline. This benefit lasts until the start of your next turn.Special: Desert Wind Dodge deserve to be provided in ar of dodge to high quality for a feat, prestige class, or other special ability. If you already have Dodge once you choose Desert Wind Dodge, girlfriend can pick to change Dodge v Desert Wind Dodge and gain a new feat in that place. You must satisfy the prerequisite because that the new feat. Devoted BulwarkPrereqs: One committed Spirit maneuver.Benefit: If an opponent damages you through a melee attack, you obtain a +1 morale bonus come AC until the end of your next turn. Extra Granted ManeuverPrereqs: Crusader level 1st.Benefit: You begin each encounter with one added readied maneuver granted. This feat also applies as soon as determining a brand-new set the granted maneuvers after ~ recovering expended maneuvers.Special: You can take this feat only once. Extra Readied ManeuverPrereqs: Swordsage level 1st.Benefit: You can ready one extr maneuver.Special: You can take this feat just once. Falling sun AttackPrereqs: Stunning Fist, one setup Sun strike.Benefit: You can declare any setting Sun strike ceded with an unarmed strike to it is in a stunning attack. In addition, add 1 come the conserve DC of her Stunning Fist attacks and 1 to the save DC the your setup Sun strikes. Making use of this feat expends one everyday use of your stunning attack.Ironheart AuraPrereqs: One Iron heart stance.Benefit: While in any type of Iron heart stance, surrounding allies acquire a +2 morale bonus on conserving throws. Martial stance Prereqs: One martial maneuver.Benefit: When you gain this feat, you have the right to select any type of stance native a discipline in i m sorry you already know at the very least one maneuver. Girlfriend must accomplish the regular prerequisite that the stance.Special: You can choose this feat much more than once, each time obtaining knowledge the a brand-new stance. You don"t need to select a view from the same self-control as the an initial time, however you must recognize at the very least one martial maneuver indigenous the self-control of the view you choose. Martial examine Benefit: When you obtain this feat, you must pick a self-control of martial maneuvers. The crucial skill because that the chosen self-control becomes a permanent course skill.Select any type of maneuver native the chosen discipline for which you accomplish the prerequisite. If you have actually martial adept levels, this practice becomes one of your maneuvers known; if you don"t, you can use this maneuver as soon as per encounter as a martial adept through an initiator level equal to 1/2 your character level. If you don"t have martial adept levels as soon as you take this feat and later on gain a level in a class that sponsor maneuvers known, these new maneuvers (the ones got through Martial Study) deserve to be offered only once per encounter and have no restore method.Maneuvers learned with this feat cannot be exchanged for a different maneuver if you are a crusader, swordsage, or warblade. As soon as you select a maneuver v this feat, friend cannot adjust it.Special: You deserve to take this feat increase to three times. Every time after ~ the first, you acquire one of 2 benefits. Friend can select a new discipline, getting one the its maneuvers and its crucial skill as a permanent class skill. Alternatively, friend can select a maneuver from a self-control to which friend have already gained accessibility by way of this feat. In one of two people case, you must meet the maneuver"s prerequisites. Shadow BladePrereqs: One shadow Hand stance.Benefit: While in a shadow Hand stance and also attacking with one of its discipline"s desired weapons, you can add your Dex mode as a bonus on melee damage for attacks made with the weapon.Special: Shadow Blade have the right to be offered in place of Weapon Finesse because that qualifying because that a feat, reputation class, etc. If this substitution permits you to get a benefit that normally uses to every finesse weapons, the instead applies only come the zero Hand discipline"s desired weapons. Shadow TricksterPrereqs: Caster level 1st, one shadow Hand strike.Benefit: While in a zero Hand stance, the conserve DC for any illusion spell you actors increases through 2.You also gain a +2 bonus on damage rolls once making a sneak attack, a sudden strike, or once you flank her target. Tune of the White RavenPrereqs: Bardic music (inspire courage), one White raven maneuver.Benefit: While in any kind of White crow stance, you deserve to activate your bardic music capacity to inspire courage together a swift action. Your initiator level stacks with your bard levels to identify the bonus granted by your inspire courage ability. Stone PowerPrereqs: Str 13, one rock Dragon maneuver.Benefit: When you use an strike action, full strike action, or rock Dragon strike in melee combat, you can takes as much as -5 top top your attack rolls. This number cannot exceed your BAB. You gain temporary fight points equal to twice thie penalty (maximum +10 fight points). These momentary hit clues last till the start of your following turn.Special: Stone Power have the right to be offered in place of Power attack to qualify because that a feat, reputation class, or various other special ability. You have the right to take both feats.Tiger BloodedPrereqs: Ability to rage, shift, or wild shape; one Tiger claw maneuver.Benefit: While in a rage, shifted, or wild shaped right into an pet form, you can attempt to knock earlier 5 feet a biology or her size classification or smaller sized that girlfriend hit with a Tiger nipper strike unless it succeeds ~ above a ft save (DC 10 + 1/2 her character level + her Str mod). This movement doesn"t provoke AoOs.Unnerving CalmPrereqs: Concentration 1 rank, one Diamond mind strike.Benefit: You can use your Concentration skill instead of Intimidate once engaging in a duel of wills. You get a +4 bonus on skill checks to resolve a duel the wills. If your adversary chooses to neglect your challenge, you obtain a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls versus that foe for 1 round.Normal: Resolving a duel that wills needs an Intimidate check. You get a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls versus an opponent who ignores her challenge. Vital RecoveryPrereqs: Two martial maneuvers.

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Benefit: When you recoup one or much more expended maneuvers, you cure 3 clues of damages +1 point per character level. Girlfriend can obtain this benefit only as soon as per encounter. White raven DefensePrereqs: One White crow stance.Benefit: When in a White crow stance and adjancet to at least one ally, you get a +1 bonus come AC. Furthermore, once wielding a preferred weapon the the White crow discipline, every ally adjacent to you gains a +1 bonus to AC. This bonuses don"t use when you"re flat-footed.Desert Wind DisciplineDevoted heart DisciplineDiamond mental DisciplineIron love DisciplineSetting sun DisciplineShadow Hand DisciplineStone Dragon DisciplineTiger nippers DisciplineWhite crow Discipline