Jamie and also Doug native Married at an initial Sight.

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As she was walking down the aisle toward her groom, Jamie Otis cringed. Sure, she’d signed up for this, but this was not the man she intended to check out waiting for her.Doug Hehner to be standing there, absolutely prepared to enter into a legally binding marriage with Otis.
This was the very very first time that Otis and also Hehner had ever before laid eyes on each other, and also yet lock were acquiring married appropriate this an extremely minute.As participants on the series Married at first Sight, the pair were suitable up by relationship experts.While Jamie wept after exchanging her vows, saying that she believed this to be a big mistake, Doug rallied, convinced that as soon as she obtained to understand him, Jamie would loss in love through him.
Doug was right.Now, 3 years later, the duo is tho married and embarking on an additional milestone—having a baby.In their new series Married at very first Sight: Jamie and Doug add to One, the couple take on parenthood with the arrival of your daughter, Henley.
Jamie claimed that although their journey to the altar no traditional, the method they tend to their marital relationship is. “Yeah, the wasn’t like we clicked magically overnight. It to be a work-related in progress. I’ve learned that my husband is really patient and also I think one of the tricks is the we job-related on our marriage every day.”About that unconventional start, Jamie reveals, “Yes, that a little strange the totality thing of acquiring married as soon as you first see each other. But, we determined that us wouldn’t it is in mad in ~ ourselves or each various other if we finished up obtaining divorced since it’s an experiment. As lot as we value the sanctity of marriage, this is, after ~ all, an arranged marriage.”
She said that she thinks viewers are drawn to their journey because, “We don’t readjust who we space on camera from that we room off camera and also I think people can feeling that. We’re not placing on a show for the camera. We’ve learned that we all have actually our flaws and ugly moments and if we have the right to own those the not just helps united state it helps other people.”“It’s not simply that,” included Doug, “it’s our whole relationship really. Civilization can clock it from job one. It no get much more real 보다 watching from united state meeting to ideal now and watching us battle as new parents. It’s unique because we’re letting every little thing unfold in former of everyone, every milestone, every high, every low.”
That everything has the ns of their an initial baby, a little boy.This loss has actually helped Jamie redefine component of her an individual calling, she said. “I’m passionate about helping ladies who’ve suffered from a loss. I lost my baby in my 2nd trimester. I was in the dark hole ns wasn’t sure I can climb out of. As much as mine husband to be there for me he wasn’t the one moving the baby. I’ve made it component of my mission to be open about my experiences. Ns trying to honor and cherish my son’s life. Ns hope it help at least one person. That makes it precious it.”The pair admit the they sit down together and also watch each episode as that airs. In addition to live tweeting and answering fan’s questions, they take stock the what transpires in between them onscreen. “We check out it because that the an initial time through everyone else. So, we don’t understand what airs until it airs,” defined Doug.
“You really find out a lot,” included Jamie. “When ns watched the very first episode where I wasn’t attracted to mine husband, i cried almost everywhere his shoulder and also said, ‘I’m therefore sorry. I was so mean.’ If everyone had a camera filming them at every moment and also you had actually to then sit and watch it—you’d find out a lot around yourself, really. Then you have a choice—you can own approximately your faults and grow or not.”Doug seems to take it it in his stride. “It’s simply fun to watch every the aer moments.” questions that can be handle in the comes season? “When have the right to Jamie and I have sex again? execute we have to wait? can you have sex through a baby staring at her face? These space the points we go through that hopefully will make civilization laugh,” that said.Both of lock are mindful that a lot of ‘TV couples nothing fare well in their relationships and admit this is a concern. “I simply think we’re different in that we watch this as an opportunity to check out ourselves, and also each other, in a different way,” claimed Jamie. “I typical we have an argument, then it’s type of over, however then it airs on TV and it’s there again. That ‘replaying’ the it offers us a chance to communicate more about that worry that us fought about and how we deserve to handle things much better going forward.”
The biggest thing Jamie wants human being to take far from the series is, “Well, it sounds so cliché, however really, don’t judge a publication by that cover. That day ns met my husband in ~ the altar and also I wasn’t instantly enamored with him and also I thought it no going come work. When civilization saw that, they dubbed me shallow and also that was displayed on air and also it to be embarrassing. But, i learned indigenous it.”“After the happened, us were top top The View and Whoopi Goldberg claimed to me, ‘You’re doing such a organization for ladies by mirroring them the it’s not about what’s on the exterior it’s what’s on the inside. That was really eye-opening for me.”At this moment, Doug chimed in with, “Yeah, and also a many the time the takes a while to get on the inside, but it’s really worth the to get there.”
For those viewers who think Jamie and Doug: Married at very first Sight to add One is simply a common show around a married couple having a baby, Jamie said, “it’s a lot an ext than that due to the fact that we’re an extremely open around the ns of our very first baby and about family dynamics as well. I come native a rough family members background and anyone in their ideal mind would hide that and also shy far from reflecting that, since it’s not pretty, but we’ve been really open about it due to the fact that I expect it helps various other people.”“This show is an ext than poopy diapers and also sleepless nights,” included Doug. “And i think its crucial to point out that yes sir no question, object or script that’s turn off the table. We enabled cameras to it is in there for the birth of our daughter, as soon as we’re talking about our intimacy issues and everything, all while trying to figure out exactly how to it is in parents. Ns think this that going to be the finest reality present that everyone can ever before see.”At this Jamie giggles a little and said, “That’s an excellent honey. Means to pat yourself on the back.”
Jamie and Doug: Married at an initial Sight to add One kicks off v a two and a half-hour special, premiering Tuesday, December 19th in ~ 8 p.m. E/p. 2 30-minute episodes will certainly air on succeeding Tuesdays, beginning December 26th at 10pm e/p ~ above Lifetime.

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