MIAMI — A Florida man who killed his wife and posted a photo of the bloody corpse on on facebook was judge Wednesday of second-degree murder after failing to to convince a jury that he shot her eight time in self-defense.

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The jury verdict came in the 3rd week that Derek Medina’s trial in the respectable 2013 killing of 27-year-old Jennifer Alfonso at their south Miami home. Medina told police in a videotaped statement that shot his wife throughout an altercation in i beg your pardon she endangered him with a knife.

Derek Medina and also Jennifer AlfonsoFacebook

Medina, that did no testify in his very own defense, admitted in the police statement taking a cellphone photograph of his dead wife’s body and uploading the on Facebook, in addition to a posting that said he meant to go to prison yet was required to kill her adhering to years of physical abuse.

Prosecutors placed on proof indicating the Medina had actually vowed to kill Alfonso if she tried to leave him, i beg your pardon she said friends she planned come do. They also pointed out that in ~ 6 feet and about 200 pounds, Medina can have easily overpowered his 5-foot-6 mam without shoot her.

“He planned to execute Jen, and also he executed his plan,” prosecutor Leah Klein told jurors in a closeup of the door argument. “He to be angry and also he want her dead.”

Alfonso’s mother, Carolyn Knox, burst right into tears as soon as the decision was check out after about six hours of jury deliberation over two days. She decreased comment to reporters. Medina’s father, additionally named Derek Medina, would not comment.

Comments under the photo Derek Medina posted of his dead wife’s human body after allegedly killing her.Facebook

Medina proved absolutely no emotion together he to be handcuffed and also led ago to jail, wherein he has been held due to the fact that the killing. His attorney, Saam Zangeneh, stated there will certainly be one appeal.

“We need to respect the jury’s decision. We simply don’t agree with it,” he said. “We think this is a self-defense case.”

The second-degree murder conviction means that Medina, 33, deals with a sentence of 25 year to life in prison. If he had actually been convicted of first-degree killing as at first charged — which requires proof the planning and also premeditation — the life sentence would have actually been automatic.

Miami-Dade Circuit referee Yvonne Colodny set sentencing because that Jan. 11. Miami-Dade State lawyer Katherine Fernandez Rundle claimed in a statement she office would look for the preferably of life behind bars.

“No family members should ever before have to see their daughter killed and also then exhibited worldwide on the net like some macabre trophy come a husband’s anger together was Jennifer Alfonso,” Rundle said. The evidence, she added, showed that “Derek Medina cold murdered his mam to cure his own injured ego.”

Trial testimony verified the pair began fighting in their upstairs bedroom due to the fact that Medina had actually failed to wake up his wife at an early stage that morning to clock a movie, as he had promised. Investigators testified that Alfonso threw mascara containers and also towels at Medina, who pointed a total at her in the bedroom however did no fire.

A defense attorney shows a house surveillance video clip of a fight in between Derek Medina and his wife, Jennifer Alfonso.AP

In a text message to a friend the morning, Alfonso stated she “felt like ripping his confront off” and was “about come explode” since of Medina’s action and included she simply wanted much more attention.

“I just want to invest time through him however I’m no going come beg,” she created shortly prior to her death.

Later, the altercation ongoing in the downstairs kitchen — some of it caught on one of the home’s inner surveillance cameras. Medina said police Alfonso pulled a big kitchen knife ~ above him and that he was able to disarm her, then went back upstairs because that the gun and shot his wife once she kept fighting v her fists.

“She to be trying to take it me out,” Medina said in the statement.

A medical examiner, however, testified that the eight shots were all fired downward toward Alfonso and also that the place of she body on the kitchen floor suggested she had been cowering on she knees when killed.

Medina was also convicted of illegally firing a weapon within a dwelling and with kid neglect since Alfonso’s 10-year-old daughter was in the residence at the moment of the slaying. The girl remained in an maximum ground bedroom and also did no witness the slaying. But she was left alone because that several hrs while Medina walk to turn himself in to police.

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Defense attorneys sought unsuccessfully to admit evidence they said suggested that Alfonso was a hefty drug abuser and had dabbled in some type of Satan worship. They additionally were can not to gain in evidence from a purported “shadow” professional they said indicated two upright figures were fighting in reflect in the kitchen’s stainless stole sink.