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totem pole, carved and painted log, mounted vertically, constructed by the native Americans of the Northwest coast of the united States and also Canada. There space seven principal kinds that totem poles: memorial, or heraldic, poles, erected when a house transforms hands to commemorate the previous owner and to determine the present one; grave mite (tombstones); home posts, which support the roof; portal poles, which have actually a hole with which a person enters the house; welcoming poles, placed at the sheet of a body of water to recognize the owner that the waterfront; mortuary poles, in which the stays of the deceased are placed; and ridicule poles, on which an important individual who had actually failed in some method had his likeness carved upside down.

The carving ~ above totem poles separates and emphasizes the flat, painted surface of the symbolic animals and spirits shown on them. Each pole usually has native one (as through a tomb marker) to countless (as v a family members legend) animal images on it, all adhering to standardized forms which are acquainted to all native Americans of the Northwest Coast; beavers, because that example, always include cross-hatched tails, and eagles show downward bent beaks.


Totem poles from various peoples native to brothers Columbia, Canada, in Stanley Park, Vancouver.

The native totem describes a guardian or ancestral being, typically supernatural, that is revered and also respected, but not constantly worshipped. The meaning of the actual or mythological animal carved ~ above a totem pole is that identification v the lineage of the head that the household. The pet is displayed as a type of family crest, lot as an Englishman could have a lion on his crest, or a rancher a bull ~ above his brand. An ext widely known, however in fact far less common, are the elaborately sculpted tall totem poles the relate whole family legend in the type of a pictograph. This legend is not something that have the right to be review in the usual sense of the word; just with an knowledge of what the symbols average to the native Americans and also a expertise of the background and customs of the clan involved can the pole be interpreted. Each pet or spirit carved on the pole has meaning, and also when combined on the pole in sequence, each figure is an important symbol constituent of a story or myth. An accurate interpretation that any collection of symbols, however, would be almost impossible there is no the assist of a knowledgeable narrator native the family.

The totem pole was likewise a authorize of the owner’s affluence, because that hiring one artist to make a pole to be an expensive proposition. The carving of totem poles got to its optimal in the early and middle 19th century, when the advent of great metal tools and also the wealth got from the fur trade do it possible for many chiefs come afford these displays. Couple of examples of this duration remain, however, as the moist coastal atmosphere causes the cedar poles to rot and also fall in about 60 come 70 years.

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