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As a former teacher, ns love watching kids turn into mad researchers with just a couple of hands-on tools. My an individual favorite is the humble kid’s magnifying glass, however there room so many alternatives to help your child come to be a STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) expert. Girlfriend can try offering castle a microscopic lense to view cells and also microbes close up, or a pair of binoculars to catch a glimpse that their very first endangered species. 

A magnifying glass, however, is often a tiny child’s very first introduction come the unseen world about them. Rod one in the hands of a toddler and you’ll need to drag them back inside after hrs of exploring. Bugs, grass, bark, and also even the inside of a sibling’s nose become method more amazing when viewed close up. (Though obviously, youngsters are interested in big things too, like the entirety galaxy.)

Of course, magnifying glasses are also useful for points besides STEM experiments and exploration. Maybe your son is a CSI obsessive? room they looking to dress up together Sherlock Holmes for Halloween? Clearly, there’s at least a dozen reasons your kid needs a magnifying glass to carry out their job properly.

Best Magnifying Glasses because that Kids


Melissa & Doug Magnifying Glass

First up, the queen and also king of kids’ toys: Melissa & Doug! i know, anyone a fan of this brand. Who can blame us? They put out together high top quality stuff without being ridiculously expensive. 

Their magnifying glasses come in two styles: quite pink petals or the shimmy snake. Personally, I’d go for the snake for gender neutrality, yet they’re continually flying turn off the shelves, either way! The nice petal one is still a good option for every those princesses who likewise want to it is in NASA scientists. 

$5.99 at AMAZON


Hape Nature Magnifying Glass & Detective Set

This kid’s magnifying glass comes with a bonus addition: a whistle! part parents might be right into this, one of two people to reveal their youngsters to music or for usage in emergencies. Others can prefer to give this together a gift come the child of that annoying PTO mom. Her call.

Seriously though, this magnifying glass collection is among my favorites. It’s made v sustainable materials, consisting of the plastics. (Green PE is a plant-based plastic derived from sugarcane.) It additionally has that wooden aesthetic we’re all kinda crazy about right now. And if your son is the form to shed things easily, there are handy straps attached to the base of both items to make them wearable.

$8.99 in ~ AMAZON

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Dicfeos 2-Pack Magnifying Glass

Who notified a two-for-one special? This two-pack of youngsters magnifying glasses comes with high prayer from proved buyers. One reviewer raved, “My preschoolers room rough through their toys, however love magnifying glasses. Bugs, flowers, rocks, text, maps, the truck, the puppy — you surname it, it has been examined with these little magnifiers and also they don’t have a single scratch or blemish on them. I have the right to say they are child proof.”

The big draw because that this set of magnifying glasses is the shatterproof lens. I constantly get worried handing my toddler anything make of glass, but wouldn’t bat an eye in ~ this. In fact, this magnifying glass is rated for ages 3 and up. For this reason feel free to allow them have actually fun v this tool, however be prepared to be a little grossed out when they uncover what’s really in her carpet.

$6.99 at AMAZON

Nature Bound large Magnifying Glass

This is a super sweet, straightforward magnifying glass because that the youngest explorers. It’s rated for sure for youngsters 18 months and also up and also has a sturdy take care of for those chubby finger to wrap roughly perfectly. Kids this age love to spend all day experimenting their world, and this magnifying glass help them see everything up close.