Do you occasionally want to cry yet just can’t? girlfriend feel the prickly emotion behind her eyes yet tears still i will not ~ fall.

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Maybe you never ever feel choose crying in ~ all, even when facing extremely unpleasant or distressing circumstances. Others roughly you cry, however for you, the tears simply don’t come.

If you can’t shed any tears, you can wonder why you have actually trouble crying.

Keep reading to learn much more about the medical and also emotional factors behind an inability to cry and how you can attend to it.

Certain medical conditions can influence your ability to produce tears, including:

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca

This condition, much more commonly referred to as dry eye syndrome, requires a to decrease in tear production.

It deserve to appear an ext frequently with:

age, as dry eye are reasonably common in older adulthoodcontact lens useeyelid inflammation or disorders

Sjögren’s syndrome

This autoimmune condition, i m sorry often develops with a famous or bacterial infection, often tends to appear most frequently in ladies over period 40.

Sjögren’s syndrome causes the white blood cells in your body to assault the glands that develop moisture, such as your tear ducts and mucous membranes.

This can cause dry eyes and a dried mouth.

Environmental factors

If you live in a dry climate or one that’s very windy, friend might an alert that girlfriend don’t produce as plenty of tears. This happens because the dryness of the air causes your tears come evaporate quickly.

This can also occur if the air i do not care smoky as result of wildfires or various other causes.


Certain medicines can likewise lead to reduced tear production.

You can notice an obstacle crying once taking:

LASIK can also influence tear production, so it’s not uncommon to have dry eyes after having actually this surgery.

Other reasons

If girlfriend don’t have a medical condition that influence tear production, your dry eyes might potentially relate to emotionally or psychological factors.

Depression through melancholia

Different subtypes the depression can involve a range of symptom that vary in severity, so civilization living through depression i will not ~ necessarily endure depression in the specific same way.

Melancholic depression is a form of major depressive disorder that generally entails severe symptoms.

With melancholic depression, you might feel:

unemotional or “flat”slowed downhopeless, bleak, or despairingdisinterested in the world approximately you

You could not react to events, especially positive ones, in the method you normally would. In fact, you might feel as if you have tiny or no emotion in ~ all, and also this can an outcome in the inability to cry.

It makes sense if friend think around it. If you feel as if your emotions have actually been disconnected or rotate off, you probably can’t develop much that an emotionally response.


While anhedonia frequently occurs together a symptom that depression, it can likewise develop together a symptom that other psychological health conditions or ~ above its own.

Anhedonia explains a lose of interest and pleasure in social activities or physical sensations.

You don’t just experience lessened pleasure. You could also notification a lessened capacity come express your emotions. Some people with anhedonia, particularly anhedonic depression, do notification they can no much longer cry conveniently — or in ~ all.

Repressed emotions

Some civilization have a difficult time regulating emotions, therefore they push them beside or ask them in order to cope.

This suppression might happen intentionally at first, but over time the becomes an ext automatic.

Eventually, you could experience many of her emotions mildly, if in ~ all. Even if something deep upsetting happens, you could not display screen much the a reaction.

There’s naught affecting your physical ability to cry, but the tears just don’t come.

Personal beliefs around crying

If you think crying exposes her vulnerability or says weakness, you could hold ago your tears intentionally. Eventually, you might not also have to make an effort to store yourself native crying — it simply doesn’t happen.

People regularly start to view crying together a authorize of weakness once other people, including parents, siblings, and also peers, dead them because that crying in childhood.

An i can not qualify to cry can likewise develop as a learned behavior. If family members and also loved ones never ever cry, you may never find out to check out crying as a natural form of emotional expression.

It might surprise friend to find out that crying is in reality pretty important.

Tears have several various functions. They benefit your body, yet they also administer a feeling of relief and emotional catharsis.

At the most straightforward level, crying helps save your eyes clean and also healthy by washing far dust and debris.Crying also serves as a method to express your emotions, therefore it deserve to relieve stress and also tension and also lead come an boosted mood when you’re upset.Your tears additionally tell other people when you’re sad, which lets them know you could welcome some comfort and also support. For this reason crying can, in a way, aid strengthen your bonds through the people around you.

If you have actually other symptom that imply your i can not qualify to cry could relate come a physical or mental health condition, you might want to begin by talk to her primary care provider or mental wellness professional.

Once a health care provider has actually ruled out any kind of serious conditions, girlfriend can shot a couple of things to make it less complicated to acquire release with tears.

Take time to discover your reactions

If you’ve grown accustomed come suppressing or preventing intense feelings, you can not notification much of a reaction when challenged with a deeply emotionally situation, together as losing someone you love or lacking out ~ above a dream opportunity.

You could have a habit the shrugging off distress instead.

Generally speaking, sitting v unpleasant or undesirable feelings doesn’t feel great, yet it’s still an essential thing come do.

Denying them disconnects you from your experiences and blocks herbal ways of emotional expression, choose crying.

Get more comfortable v your emotions

It’s tough to refer emotions as soon as you feeling afraid of lock or confused by them since this normally leads you to block them turn off instead.

To exercise acknowledging and accepting your emotions, don’t refuse them. Instead, try:

Saying just how you feel the end loud. even if it’s simply to yourself, you have the right to say “I feel angry,” “I feeling sad,” or “I feeling hurt.”Remembering that normal. Remind you yourself it’s ok to have emotions, even intense ones.

Find a safe an are to let her feelings out

You can not feel comfortable to express emotions in public, and that’s entirely OK. It have the right to take time prior to sharing emotions v anyone rather becomes possible, much less natural.

Avoiding your emotions entirely isn’t the answer, either. Shot to discover a private location where you deserve to sort through feelings and express intense emotions and also tears.

This might be her bedroom, a quiet clues in nature wherein you’re always alone, or almost everywhere else you recognize you won’t be bothered.

Talk to civilization you trust

Once girlfriend get more comfortable through your emotions on your own, you can try sharing these feelings with loved ones.

There’s nothing not correct with starting small. You might, because that example, open up to your partner or best friend prior to anyone else.

Talking to others around how you feeling can help normalize her emotions, since chances are good they have the right to offer some validation approximately those feeling or share similar experiences of your own.

When the feels less complicated to talk about feelings, you might an alert it becomes much easier to express lock in various other ways, also — including crying.

Let you yourself be moved

This might not constantly work, however watching a tearjerker or hearne to moving or sad music can sometimes lug on the tears.

If you want to practice crying, watching or hearing an additional person’s emotionally experience can foster comfort v shedding some tears of her own.

Bonus: watching deeply emotional movies can additionally increase your empathy and also compassion because that others.

If you battle to cry because you’re out of touch v your feelings, you might have trouble expressing emotions in various other ways, too. Experienced support from a therapist can have plenty of benefits if this is the case.

Getting more comfortable v your emotions is vital for not just your intimate relationships but likewise your overall emotional health.

If friend aren’t particular why you can’t cry or refer emotions easily, a therapist can offer compassionate guidance and support together you start exploring this issue.

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If you’ve tried getting an ext comfortable through intense emotions on your own, but you haven’t had much success, talking to a therapist might be a useful next step.