There are miscellaneous kinds of black-haired anime characters, and also they all have unique and special characteristics. The anime characters-with-black-hair room not only characterized by their excellent abilities but additionally by their hard hearts. The majority of anime personalities have black hair. Such characters can be found in miscellaneous genres and also storylines, hailing native manga to tv series. The list below represents the top 20 best anime personalities with black color hair, together ranked by fans throughout the Internet. 

Not all characters on the list are villains, yet it must be listed that anime is well known for its interesting villains. Also though there are a the majority of anime personalities with black color hair, they do vary in personality. Yet here room the optimal 20 the the ideal black-haired anime characters. Us encourage everyone to comment on the personality they like and also if you notice any that we missed!

So, let’s round as much as the peak 20 anime personalities with black color hair to provide some serious layout inspiration.

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20. Saizou Kirigakure (Brave 10)


Saizou come in in ~ number 20 together being among the ideal Anime Boys v black hair! He has blue-toned black color hair. In Brave 10 Anime series, he’s an assassination experienced on his large kunai referred to as “Marie blade.” the is a tiny lonely and refuses to serve as his master any lord and hates Koga Ninja through a revolting passion. His life together a lone wolf is interrupted by a loosely-dressed priestess running the end of the killers. The black hair the Saizou is a bit bushy; although the is rather neater top top the front, the sides of the hair are unclear, and there are little locks on all sides.

19. Hak boy (Akatsuki no Yona)


Our next anime boy through hairs, Hak, looks choose Saizou v an ‘icy cool’ attitude, however the distinction here is the size of the story come the main woman. Because they to be kids, Hak to be friends v Princess Yona. That loves Yona, and also Hak flees through her and is in charge once her father is eliminated by Su-won, your younger friend who additionally had love Yona. His personality is really charming together his hair is blue-black hued v a much less cool, disorderly look. It stretches beyond his ear and always looks darker when he’s angry or more playful once he’s comical. His hair is favor every great bishop and pairs through him nicely.

18. Rin Okumura (Ao no Exorcist-Blue Exorcist)


Rin Okumura is among our favourite anime boys with black hair from Ao no Exorcist anime. He was a normal male 15 year old, who sooner or later finds out that he is Satan’s son, Gehenna’s lord, and has unleashed his demonic power. His brother, Yukio, already knew and trained to it is in an exorcist. Rin did no wish to sign up with his dad in administrate Gehenna. Because of this he also began training as an exorcist. Ao No Exorcist rightly has actually a blue subject, so Rin’s flames are blue, with black hair and also blue eyes. His hair is not very remarkable, however it is highly intentional.

17. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)


One Piece is just one of Japan’s longest-running anime, and Luffy is much from Japan’s best-known characters of every time. Life’s blackest hair is in this list, and also it’s constantly seen with a yellow, straw, strip red, v no normal shadows or highlights since of its simple animation style. This black-haired anime boy has actually long hair through messy locks, but a couple of strands hug the in salt if he is put on his chape. That a nice boyish haircut, not particularly beautiful, however it has a many charm. Under his appropriate eye is a scar, and also his above pirate’s apparel is definitely worthy the the sand and also has one X scar ~ above his chest.

16. Mei Misaki (Another)


Mei Misaki is the following black-haired anime character with exceptional attributes from another manga series. In many ways, Mei Misaki reminds me of myself. She has actually this “aura” and also is observant, reserved, and makes girlfriend curious around her. In spite of all our finest efforts to make friends or to establish relationships, she trust everybody is alone. And she’s no depressed because of that. It’s as with she watch the world since she tends to look in ~ things choose what they room (logically) rather of feeling like it.

15. Kurome (Akame Ga Kill)

Kurome is the type of girl who is in ~ the not correct time and in the wrong place. V her sister. Born together a black-haired anime girl in Akame Ga death anime, she is intended as a murderer for a lifetime. She is one old member the the Jaegers and also the an ext youthful sister that Akame. Marketed by her parents to the Kingdom together with Akame, the sisters were elevated as assassins. She to be conscripted into a various assassin association 보다 her sister, and the brothers and sisters parted ways. However, She is greedy, cold, insecure, ruthless, fun-loving, vengeful, and psychotic.

 14. Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)

Moving on to our next ideal Anime Boy through black hair is Sasuke. He was the first crush of everyone in Naruto. Ever before hearing that anime, everyone probably has seen a photo of him, but he prospered up a many in this series, beginning with being a small girl and also enduring a fighting veteran. The black color hair the Sasuke frames his face and short back spikes. The hair top top his confront points directly down favor fangs when the hair in the back hangs out, nearly like a cat licking his head! He has actually Black eyes and also usually wears some blue/gray clothing in his most well known anime, Naruto.

13. Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin -Attack ~ above Titan)

When Titans practically brought humanity to extinction century ago, mankind started structure walls to defend them by our next finest Anime Boy through black hairs called Levi. And for one hundreds years, no Titan came to his ar until a colossal Titan appeared and broke the wall. The human being in wall Maria have fled additional inside, and the battle is beginning to take earlier what is. Together the best and strongest soldier in humanity, Levi has actually a very solid fan base. His above haircut, renowned in Japan, has rasped sides and also black locks that pass through his ears. His hair is always so slightly separated on his side and also only goes come his eyes. That is virtually like a well-made however attractive bowl.

12. Hana Isuzu (Girls Und Panzer)

You don’t have to be a pan of the girls Und Panzer anime character Hana Isuzu through black hair to love this adorable and fun wallpaper. It reflects her soft side together she relaxes through her teddy bear and pillow after ~ a lengthy day at school. Her sweet face and also the pale yellow tones of she room add to the storybook quality of this image. She has “lazy eyes,” which make her feel tired or sleepy. She has actually a relatively equilibrated duty for the key team in the series. That’s contrary come what you’d intend if Hana’s soft and also gentle character to be judged.

11. Akame (Akame Ga Kill)

Akame is the main character in the Japanese anime collection Akame Ga Kill and also one of ours favorite selections of anime-character-with-black-hairs! She is a young member that the assassination team Night Raid, that specializes in short-range combat. A reasonably stoic girl, she regularly keeps she emotions and also thoughts surprise behind a blank expression, making the somewhat difficult to tell what she is thinking or feeling. The personality of Akame is aloof, indifferent, and also cold. This is also why she has actually the will to struggle a change and carry it about.

10. Inkarmat (Golden Kamuy)

A beautiful woman through Ainu clothes, Inkarmat indigenous the golden Kamuy series has an ext adorable black hairs, making her rank on number ten on this list. She is developed from a race of people who passed away in the background of Japan. Her look speaks because that herself. The means her hair, clothing, job-related as a lucky person, and also how she fits into the story room all around her. The actress’s voice is together gentle together she comes, mirroring the personality and also style that Inkarmat. That does not revolve out that great before believing that we have never watched such a supporting character.

9. Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji -Black Butler)

Sebastian Michaelis is our next most popular black-haired anime boy from Kuroshitsuji -Black butler manga series. You regularly see the in a black suit come boot through his well-organized black color hairs. His suit is native the victorian era, together the series is collection there, yet it is constantly so contempt visual. His hair is a famous visual kei cut and made girl swoon around the world. He has actually a large strand tucked behind his ears, under in the center of his face, and also a pair ~ above his side. 

8. Vegeta (Dragonball Z)

Vegeta is an above anime guy with black color hair who deserve to be uncovered throughout the world. Though he began as a rogue in DBZ beforehand on, he was an ally that married Bulma and also helped protect the planet in plenty of struggles. That is a Saiyan, v his Goku, whom he speaks as Kakarot, the name Saiyan Goku. He is Saiyan and also Saiyajin. Plant, plant hair take away the cake because that volume, through numerous huge peaks the stick directly up, similar to fire itself. His hair is jet black, and also there are no highlights. In Dragonball GT, Vegeta has a wild make-up the is practically like Mr. Satan. That randomly reduced off his hair and also used to change his hairstyles.

7. Hitomi Mishima (Hinamatsuri)

Our following anime girl v black hair is Hitomi Mishima indigenous the Hinamatsuri series. She is a personality of polarisation. In the beginning, she finds himself in Hinamatsuri v this nice, innocent, pure heart. The girl who focuses on learning and also caring because that her very own business. Comedy ~ above the side is a little bit choose Hitomi, who speaks behind his back about people. And also after a high-paying task as a bartender, she becomes arrogant. However her character attributes are good. And also the reality is – We never saw a character “feel” prefer Hitomi’s main character.

6. Shana (Shakugan No Shana)

Shana, a black-haired anime girl, belongs come the Shakugan No Shana anime series. When Shana is chilled, relaxed, and also devoid the duty, her black hair touches she shoulder. She is one of the most “original” types of characters of Shakugan No Shana. Shana is a little rude and irritable, just to warm up later. For her age, she is even much more disciplined and mature than most older people. She has an abilities like a grasp in a fight swordsman, which renders you adore her also more.

5. Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Roy isn’t inexplicable to be on renowned lists however still, everyone adores his black color hairs. So, this anime guy with black hair is cool, and also he’s a man with a an excellent heart. The wept when Maes Hughes tragically happen away and left him alone to rise the ladder. He covertly wants to be a ferry, and he wants to readjust the reverse system. The is in charge of Edward in the Fullmetal Alchemist series. His hair is turbojet black with grey eye that enhance his personality. His hair is favor a porcupine, dealing with down all the quills, and is quite short in the military but much much longer than usual.

4. Rin Tohsaka (Fate remain Night)

Another black hair anime girl is Rin Tohsaka from the Fate remain Night anime series. Also she has an ext “touches” and manners than most tropics Tsundere. She could be angry at stupid things, such together Shiro does not admit she “indirect” hints. However what makes Rin Tohsaka likable is that she has actually her independence, drive, and solid thinking. And she’s too proud to accept points she’s distracted by. She is a girl, far from gift a maid in distress, who could take treatment of herself!

3. Together (Death Note)

L, that has countless names, is the biggest detective in the world and the many eccentric person in the world in his most well known anime, fatality Note. This anime guy with black hair is many famous and also iconic. Together tops space the most well-known character charts by a vast margin. He goes against Master Light, whose fatality Note is received and also can death anyone v a name and also knowledge the his face. That is a star tennis player who won the UK small Cup, and also they’re sharing a unique tennis bond together they gain closer come Light. He has wild, unrestrained black color hair that is tho moving very well in some direction. His highlights seem come be beautifully painted and also can to mark his childhood.

2. Suzune Horikita (Classroom of The Elite)

Moving on come our next ideal black-haired Anime character, Suzune is the major protagonist in the anime series Classroom that The Elite with a school mechanism that scrupulously renders students compete. Suzune Horikita is a an extremely kind and also gentle girl. She’s friendly, caring, and always considerate. She looks the end for anyone well-being and also is considered a motherly figure by her fellow students. She loves to cook and will do meals for others as soon as they’re emotion under the weather, even if she has a cold or has jacked her food preparation skills.

1. Mio Akiyama (K-On)

So, that tops the list of ideal Anime characters with black hairs?? the is none various other than guitarist Mio Akiyama from the K-On series. Mio’s favourite instrument of music is the bass guitar. The definition of black color is not favor Mio Akiyama. She introverted, kind, timid, and also the hardest K-On character worker. When world slow down and also apologize, she no it. And while she is not the ideal in communication, she has details leadership an abilities since K-On; she keeps everyone organized and focused in ~ the beginning of K-On. No doubt, She is a kind and also warm girl, albeit really shy and sensitive. You are going to love her.

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Anime is a good genre for any type of fan and connoisseur. Every anime fan appears to have their eye glued ~ above anime personalities with black color hair. We believe the best method to to convince you the they are certainly cool is to compile a perform of 20 ideal anime characters with black color hair using few of our spatu opinions and comments indigenous visitors.