This overview is around how to uncover all the graffiti (replacing photos native the first Life Is Strange) in the video game Life Is Strange: prior to the Storm episode 3 - Hell Is Empty.Other LiS:BtS Guides:

First Graffiti

1) The very first graffiti deserve to be acquired at the beginning of episode, in Rachel`s room. Walk to map in ~ the wall surface and make graffiti.

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Second Graffiti

2) The 2nd graffiti can be derived at the very same Rachel`s room. To do graffiti, you should go come Rachel`s planner at her table and also then press switch "Graffiti".

Third Graffiti

3) The third graffiti have the right to be acquired at Price`s house. As soon as Chloe is in her own room, go to Blackwell`s photograph of academy members (near the computer and the globe), look in ~ it and then do graffiti.

Fourth Graffiti

4) The fourth graffiti have the right to be derived in Joyce`s room. Walk to calendar with sport car and make graffiti.

Fifth Graffiti

5) The 5th graffiti have the right to be obtained at Junkyard, once Chloe fixes the truck. First, you require to get Fuel Filter the end of car, punch the gunk of that (press switch "Blow" ~ you obtain Fuel Filter out) and then do graffiti.

Sixth Graffiti

6) The sixth graffiti have the right to be acquired at Arcadia Bay`s hospital, ~ Rachel got stabbed. You must turn right and also go virtually to elevator, then do graffiti in ~ the snapshot with nurses.

Seventh Graffiti

7) The seventh graffiti have the right to be acquired again at hospital. You need to go to vending machine, look at it, then slam device for 3 times and also then, when you take coco bar indigenous it, do graffiti.

Eighth Graffiti

8) Eighth graffiti can be derived again at the Arcadia Bay`s hospital (wow). You should go come Drew`s / Mikey`s patience room and also perform numerous actions (actions depends on which personality is sick).For Drew:
Talk to himTake his pudding (Backtalk, ns guess)Sigh his actors (this is graffiti)For Mikey:Talk come himPlay through him in D&D (maybe it`s no D&D, yet who cares)Sigh his actors (this is graffiti)

Ninth Graffiti

9) The nine graffiti have the right to be acquired in the Amber`s house, when Chloe beginning the office that James Amber. You have to go come the desk with a computer and open the drawer on the left side and then do graffiti ~ above a bottle of sherry.

Tenth Graffiti

10) Tenth graffiti deserve to be acquired closer come the end of the illustration at the old mill. You need to go come the paper metal, remove it, go to the knife close to the paper of metal and also take it, go back to the wall and make graffiti top top it.

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