The story behind the quote: This week’s quote comes from the many recent live-action superhero film from Warner Bros. And also DC, Wonder mrs 1984. This time around, Wonder woman (played again by Gal Gadot) bring away on Maxwell Lord, a struggling business man with big dreams, that has regulated to come across the Dreamstone, a secret object that can approve anyone’s deepest desires but with a cost.

The quote is said several time throughout the film as it is what Maxwell mr (played by Pedro Pascal) claims as his catchphrase and mantra. The basically offers this catchphrase and also his charisma to paint himself as a effective person.

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Geek wisdom: although the means Maxwell lord did try to construct his success was skewed, that doesn’t average what he states isn’t bad. Even when things space good, we have to always shot to gain better. Us can try to it is in healthier, save more money and indulge in life as lot as we deserve to because, also when things room okay, that doesn’t mean we have to settle for it.


Author: Victor de la Cruz

Most of my childhood (and adult life) was invested doing a many geeky stuff: watching TV, playing video clip games and going to the movies. Come some, that may have been a waste of time. Well, to me, it has made me what ns am today... A geeky adult.I actually compose for a pair of blogs, namely:geekwisdom.wordpress.com3rdworldgeeks.comgamemoir.comPlease examine them out!View all articles by Victor de la Cruz

Author Victor de la CruzPosted on march 27, 2021February 28, 2021Categories Comics, MoviesTags yet it can be better, DC, gal gadot, life is good, maxwell lord, pedro pascal, warner bros, wonder woman




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